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Things to Consider When Joining a New Gym

Embarking on a new fitness journey? Bravo! Whether you’re a newbie aiming to get into shape or a seasoned gym-goer seeking a change, choosing the right gym can be as crucial as the workouts themselves. But with myriad options out there, how do you find your perfect match? 

To make sure you join the best gym in your area, follow our handy guide.

1. Location, Location, Location

Think proximity. Is the gym close to your home or workplace? If it’s too far out of your way, even the most fervent fitness resolution can wane. An ideal gym is one you can easily integrate into your daily routine, ensuring fewer “I’ll go tomorrow” excuses.

2. Dive Into the Deep End: Gym Amenities

Beyond the sea of treadmills and weights, what else does the gym offer? Swimming pools, saunas, spinning studios, or perhaps a juice bar? Figure out which amenities are vital for your fitness journey and which are nice bonuses.

3. Class Act: Group Fitness Sessions

If solo workouts aren’t your jam, look at the classes the gym provides. From Zumba to CrossFit, yoga to boxing, a diverse class schedule can keep things fresh and cater to various fitness moods.

4. Open for Fitness: Gym Timings

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Make sure your gym’s operational hours align with your personal schedule. Some gyms are even open 24/7, catering to all lifestyles.

5. Price Tag Tidbits

Ah, the inevitable cost factor. While you shouldn’t compromise on your fitness, ensure you’re getting good value. Look out for any hidden fees and understand the terms of the contract. Is there a cancellation fee? How about any introductory offers?

6. Expertise on Hand: Qualified Staff

From personal trainers to front desk managers, friendly, knowledgeable staff can elevate your gym experience. After all, guidance and motivation often come hand in hand.

7. Vibe Check: Gym Atmosphere

Your gym should feel like a motivating, safe space. Visit during the hours you’d typically work out. Is it overcrowded? Does the crowd seem friendly? Do you feel like you’d belong?

8. Tech Touchpoints: App Integration and Wi-Fi

Many modern gyms have mobile apps to book classes or check peak times. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, can be a boon if you’re streaming workouts or listening to online playlists.

9. Flexibility Matters: Guest Passes and Multiple Locations

Perhaps you travel often or want to occasionally work out with a friend. In such cases, gyms that offer guest passes or have multiple locations can be incredibly convenient.

Toby King a personal trainer from Cardiff says that “Before signing up to a length contract see if you can have a day pass at a few different gyms, from there you will get the vibe of the place to see if its for you or not.”

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