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Me And My Blog

First of all I’d like to welcome you to Update Sport, where you’ll find plenty of information about the many sports that are played around the world, alongside some useful advice on how to become better as a player – regardless of which sport you participate in – how to take care of yourself physically and some useful nutritional information along the way.

My name is BORISLAV KNEŽEVIĆ and I founded this blog because I have always been passionate about sport and believe that it can do an enormous amount to bring people together and help us reach our fitness goals.

I live in Novi Sad, Serbia, which may make it seem a little strange that my sport of choice is American Football. I even play for the Wild Dogs team as a wide receiver and we aren’t doing too badly. I was drawn to American Football because of the high-impact nature of the game and the emphasis on proper tactics to defeat your opposition, but I also enjoy many other sports and play soccer, tennis and badminton recreationally, amongst others.

Why Do I Love Sports?

I touched upon it earlier, but there are many reasons why I love sports, all of which have inspired me in some way to create this blog. I think the best way to show you what I mean is to create a short list of what draws me to sports:

  • The camaraderie in team sports is amazing and I have made many friends through my sporting pursuits.
  • Each offers a different challenge in terms of tactics used and fitness levels required.
  • The best sports are accessible and can be played by anybody.
  • They are great for keeping fit, as you get to have fun while exercising.
  • I’m a competitive person who enjoys the thrill of victory, but I also try to learn something new in every defeat.

I suppose in summary you could say that sports offer a challenge while also being fun and offering the opportunity to be social.

Where Did It All Start?

I guess you could say my passion for sports started early. My dad was always a huge soccer fan and I would watch games with him while he told me more about the different teams and players. I was always drawn to the European Cup – which is now called the Champions League – because it brought together some of the best teams around and gave me the chance to see players that would likely never play for any Serbian teams.

Naturally I started playing soccer when I started school, but it was later in in my life that I got drawn to other sports. I wanted to give everything a try, so when I heard about American Football and the various parallels it shared with rugby – which is another favourite of mine – I just had to give it a try.

I latched onto the sport quickly and delved into as many books as I could to find out more. As the Internet started to advance, I found myself watching plays and reading reports online and soon found I’d developed a deep passion for the sport that superseded all others. It was around this time that I also really discovered the power and influence the Internet could have, as it allowed me to locate various teams near to me so I could start developing my skills.

My Plans For My Blog and Life

Now that I’m a little older and starting to approach the twilight years of my competitive sporting career, I’ve been thinking more about what I want to do with my life when my playing days are over.

Professionally, I’m leaning towards trying my hand at commentary when I leave the Wild Dogs. I’ve always had great admiration for the people who do that job, as they need to remember so much information, while also being engaging enough to draw in fans and informed enough to explain to them what is happening on the pitch and why it is important. I like to think that my overall sporting knowledge is good enough to give it a try and I’ve recently started taking public speaking classes to help me out.

As for this blog, I’m really looking to grow it in the coming years. I created it so that I could offer my own insights on the various sports I follow and provide updates on what was happening in various sports throughout the world. It was a passion project when I first started out. I had hoped that my work on Update Sport may offer people the pathway into sports that I enjoyed as a younger man. Now that the site has a large audience, I’m looking more towards how I can incorporate it into my overall career. I’m already turning a little bit of profit from it, so my new aim for Update Sport is to continue this growth and make it one of the most popular sports sites in Europe, if not the world.

Update SportFounder – BORISLAV KNEŽEVIĆ