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Workout For Recovery

Some things in life just don’t go the way we think they’re going to. This includes the moment we decide to take an illegal drug or get drunk. The absolutely first thing either of these effects is our physiology. Alcohol begins the journey of putting our liver into overdrive and impairing everything from our judgment to how fast we breathe.

Depending on the drug, our bodies go into shock trying to process and, in some cases, reject the chemical alterations that particular drug attempts to make to the body. The repeated use of either usually leads to addiction and, in the process, ruins your body. One of the most important aspects of recovering from an addiction is regaining your physical health. Here are a few ways working out can help.

Relieves Stress

One of the biggest triggers for a recovering addict is the stress that accompanies large life changes, like the loss of a loved one or a marital trouble. While most of us might sit back and watch our favorite TV show, listen to some music, or just go to bed, a recovering addict might be tempted to relapse.

Heading to the gym is a great way to fight off temptation brought on by stress. If nothing else, you’ll wear yourself out until your energy level is too low to worry about getting high. Not to mention, training yourself to workout as an answer to stress helps develop good coping skills.

Kills Boredom

Another huge trigger for men and women in recovery is just plain being bored. There is a saying. “Idol hands are the devil’s playground.” Drug and alcohol addiction live in this category. Think about it. How many times did you hear about or were part of a party that happened just because there wasn’t anything else to do?!

Bored? Go workout. Not only will you kill your boredom, but you will begin to chart a journey to the goal of overall health and recovery. As you visit the gym out of boredom, you will also discover new friends, new limits on your strength and endurance, and that, over time, you’d rather be working out than twiddling your thumbs anyway.

Builds Your Body

As stated earlier, a drug or alcohol addiction will tear the body down and, if not squelched, will eventually kill it. One of the main goals of recovery is to see your physical health restored. Working out, alongside a healthy diet, is an amazing opportunity to not only regain your former health, but go on to improve and maximize it.

If possible, reserve a personal trainer. He/she will be able to tailor a diet and workout plan that will help you to reach recovery. The plan should involve foods that will aid your body’s natural repair systems and the workout should be one that fits your ability, but grows with you over time and continually pushes your boundaries.

Working out will help you recover from the work over of drugs and alcohol.


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