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Win BIG Using Fantasy League Pools

Justifiably so, many people who like to take the odd chance here and there by way of gambling opportunities look towards the likes of sports betting as an alternative to something like the lottery or Power Ball. This is obviously because of the far, far better odds of winning you’d enjoy betting on something like the weekend sports as opposed to taking a blind-luck chance on the lotto.

I mean these days the information is so freely available that you could just Google the odds of winning the lotto, but otherwise if you have a little bit of a statistical background then the conclusion you would have arrived at long ago is probably that selecting one set of lucky numbers is not unlike selecting a thousand sets or even a 100,000 sets.

With putting money down on a sports wager on the other hand there are a number of other factors at play working to your favour in addition to the fact that you already enjoy better winning odds as a result of the fewer possible combinations of outcomes/results. For one, it’s not all down to blind-luck because you can make a more informed prediction on the possible outcome of something like a football match between teams you’re familiar with. You don’t even really need to be familiar with the teams because the internet affords you a wealth of information right at your fingertips, so you can gain a deeper insight very quickly by looking at the likes of online form guides, records, team news, etc.

Why is it though that whenever you look at the results of the draw you often find that there’s just one winner or perhaps one or two winners who managed to guess the correct outcome of the games in that particular wager? I mean if all the information is so freely available with which you can run a thorough analysis, why then do the majority of us still get it wrong with some scary consistency?

Well it’s because of the fact that we use our emotions over pure statistics and that’s where we get it wrong.

If you want to win big in sports betting then there’s a method which entails making use of those fantasy league pools often operated by sports broadcasters on their websites. Basically people can join and play for free, winning prizes or just winning notoriety for getting it right the most times by way of their sports match outcomes guesses.

It’s as simple as joining these fantasy leagues, whether you actively participate or not, and then just placing your bets on sports betting sites according to the predictions of those players who have the highest record of making correct predictions. For example, you can place a quick bet here if the predictor who’s at the summit of the fantasy league leader-board has come out with their latest predictions and the corresponding games are available on the latest wager.

It’s simple stats at play and if you’re consistent you’ll eventually win rather handsomely. Persistence pays off.