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Will McGregor ever be back to his best

Conor broke his leg in his last fight when he lost to Poirier which led many fighting fans to think he won’t fight again due to his age and the injuries he keeps on getting. Conor lost to khabib as well before his fight with Poirier, so he has not been having much luck over recent years compared to what we are usually used to seeing. Conor has had a lot of injuries in his past few fights at the UFC with many fans getting doubts over his fitness and strength levels. A lot of people placed bets on Conor to beat Poirier due to Conor looking in great shape over the time running up to the fight. Unfortunately, a lot of people lost their bets on this fight due to it not lasting long at all with the leg break happening in the first round, this left many UFC fans frustrated as not many UFC fights end in the first round from an injury like this. The pair have agreed to have a third fight which could be this year so betting companies are looking to once again offer some tasty markets with this fight expected to be one of Conor’s best yet, there are many different markets to choose from when it comes to UFC betting and you can choose the best here that offer some great markets to choose from.

There are talks about a fight before the end of this year, but it seems highly unlikely due to the severe leg break Conor suffered. The next fight needs to be one that Conor wins whomever it might be against due to him not doing so well over his recent fights. There have been talks about fighting YouTube star Jake Paul with many suggestions this would only be for money with Jake having no fighting background, there could be another fight against Nate Diaz who had some great fights against Conor in the past. There seems to be a good list of fights for Conor to choose from to get his career back up and running again so, we might yet see him at his best again but only time will tell. Conor has the biggest fan base in UFC so his fans would love to see him back and winning fights once again but is he now past it, who knows.

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