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What to wear paddle boarding in the Winter

Many people associate paddle boarding with sunny weather and warming sea breezes, however for the seasoned paddle boarder every day can be a SUP day no matter the weather. Even on the chilliest of days in the UK winter there is much fun to be had on a paddle board, just make sure you’re wearing the right kit. From SUP base layers to gloves there are plenty of options to ensure you stay toasty on your winter adventures.

SUP base layers

Working from the inside out, you’re going to want some thermal base layers on. These should keep you warm but also be breathable and lightweight so not to hinder your movement when you paddle. There are a number of different SUP base layers to choose from like tops and leggings.

Wetsuit or Drysuit

Depending on your preferences in the coldest of days you will want to wear a wetsuit or a drysuit over the top of your base layers. For wetsuits, long john wetsuits can be a good idea, these have full length legs but are more like a vest on the top rather than long sleeves. They can help you to keep full range of motion and also allow you to wear a thermal top underneath, they are also easy to roll down to your waist if you start to overheat. SUP drysuits are ideal in the coldest of conditions as if you do fall in, they will keep you and your clothes underneath completely dry. The seals around your wrists, neck and ankles are waterproof but your hands, feet and head will be, which is a good thing to bear in mind.

Socks and boots

In cold weather keeping your feet warm should be one of your priorities. Neoprene or thermal socks are perfect for cooler temperatures and will offer a nice level of comfort. On top of these socks some waterproof boots will add the extra layer of protection to stop cold water drenching your socks. Look at the soles to ensure they are non-slip as choosing less grippy bottoms could make your experience a lot more difficult.


When out on your SUP in cold water, keeping your hands warm is very important. With numb hands and fingers it would be very difficult to keep a firm grasp on your paddle and move efficiently. Picking a pair of quality neoprene gloves will allow you to keep your fingers warm but also not reduce your grip on the paddle.

Keeping warm when paddle boarding in the winter should be one of your top priorities as it is imperative for your safety. Falling into water in the winter is very dangerous if you’re not properly equipped which is why it is so important that you invest in proper gear. 

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