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What products does Normatec have to offer?

Normatec is used by many of the world’s leading athletes and is the innovative technology which uses air pressure to massage muscle aches and pain, temporarily increasing blood circulation to the targeted area of the body. Normatec was invented in 1998 by Dr. Laura Jacobs in response to the desperate need for new technology to help treat patients with circulation related disorders.

There are a variety of products which are offered by Normatec, all with the similar purpose of aiding recovery specifically for athletes. Whether this is the Normatec boots or the reclining chair or hip and arm attachments, keep on reading to find out what they have to offer!

  • Boots

First and foremost let’s start with Normatec’s boots, with its patented technology through special massage technology increasing blood flow in the legs reducing pain and soreness. Coming with a range of accessories, such as a Bluetooth pairing device/app allowing you to customise your recovery and trusted by professionals at the top of their game. So you could even imitate the same recovery as your favourite athlete, although you may not want to push it that far, even if you’re at the top of your game as well!

Normatec now offers the pulse PRO 2.0 which has highly customisable programming and a sophisticated touchscreen display. Boasted as the most advanced athlete recovery system with cutting edge connectivity and powerful results. Currently retailing at £899 (Pulse 2.0) and £1,199 (Pulse PRO 2.0), these boots from Normatec are proven to aid in recovery post workout.

  • Chairs

Used in cooperation with the boots, Normatec chairs offer a premium experience that is perfect if you are looking for a place to recline during recovery. Offering both a standard and luxury choice of recliner, the Normatec reclining chair has a padded headrest and a comfortable seat area to ensure full relaxation during recovery! Whilst you let the boots get to work, you can recline with a pillow on the backrest to ensure maximum comfort during rest.

The premium recliner from Normatec is fully padded with armrest, backrest and footrest to provide you with the ultimate Normatec seating experience. Retailing at £199 (Premium recliner) and £99 (Standard recliner).

  • Accessories

I know what you’re thinking, how will I be able to carry around my boots? Well look no further, as Normatec offers a wide range of accessories designed to transport your new purchase around. The Normatec backpack is custom designed to fit your Normatec Pulse system safely and securely. Not just this, but with its cushioned laptop pocket it offers more choice if you’re on the go and need your laptop.

Normatec offers not just a backpack but also a carry case, engineered to fit in Airplane carry-on luggage (if you’re on an Airplane anytime soon!), so suitable if you’re travelling across the world. The premium hard case conveniently carries all your Normatec product needs on the go, custom designed to fit the Pulse 2.0 series recovery system.

Furthermore, the hip, leg and arm attachments are designed to target specific areas of the body. For example with the hip attachment, it comes in one size as the first time you try it on it calibrates to your unique body shape so that you get the perfect fit and, as such, a personally optimised recovery session every time!

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