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What modes should a portable WOD timer have?

According to Kingpin of Project X, portable WOD timers should be able to be set on the fly. In the case that you are just minutes away from your next training session, it shouldn’t matter which workout mode you use for setting the timer. For example, if you have just an hour to train before heading to work, the task at hand should be to establish a simple routine for the WOD. Whether it be: 30 seconds with the ring bells, 10 minute walk and run and then do a modified and unneeded exercise, or a 50 minute lifting workout, portable WOD timers should work with whatever schedule you have.

You can use a single portable WOD timer for a single person or an entire team of individuals. The task should be set and completed within the allotted time and effort, but any other rules, workouts and input that you give to the portable WOD timer will not be shown on the timer’s display. As long as the tasks and weights are completed, it shouldn’t matter whether it is a timed workout or not.

What about those flash batteries?

The main drawback of using a portable WOD timer in my mind, is the flash battery life. If you are tracking a task or using the timer to regulate the effort level of your workout, it would be beneficial if it was able to stand up to the extra stress and time that you put on it. You can stick these batteries in virtually any device and they will work for up to a year.

The battery life is not a deal breaker, but it is a welcome plus.

What about the few unique features that portable WOD timers can have?

Some portable WOD timers have limited settings. There are some that offer single and continuous modes and those that can hold up to six different settings. Some of the best examples of this are RockBox and FloWOD. Some portable WOD timers can also have a set interval that is called a set block and if you make a certain amount of reps of a specific exercise, it will provide you with a stop timer that will automatically begin and stop at the specified time.

Some portable WOD timers can also have a timer lockout feature. This means that as soon as the time is up, it will immediately be closed so that no more workouts can be scheduled until a new set of batteries are inserted. If you use a portable WOD timer in a workout room or a gym that doesn’t have access to a timer lock, you should definitely look into purchasing a portable WOD timer.

What types of portable WOD timers would you recommend?

Since this is not the type of tool that you use daily and it isn’t a regular item in your gym bag, I don’t feel that it should have any particular quality of features that stand out.

The key to finding a portable WOD timer that meets all of your needs is going to be your budget. You will want to find one that can hold enough batteries to function for an entire year of workouts, can be used within that same year, and doesn’t cost a ton of money. You will want one that will work in any room of your house, not just a home gym.

The best advice that I can give you about finding a good portable WOD timer for a budget, is to go to the internet and browse the available options. Look for the ones that have good reviews and pricing, and be sure to try out a few of them on your own. Just take some time to go through some reviews and you will probably get a sense of what the best option would be for you.

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