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What Are the Best Ways for Seniors To Get Involved in Hockey?

Hockey isn’t just for the young and energetic. It’s a game loved by all ages, including seniors. Staying active and social is key to overall wellness as we get older. Hockey helps with that! It combines exercise, meeting new people, and keeping your mind sharp.

Many older adults live in retirement communities; hockey can bring them together. Playing this sport keeps everyone fit while also building strong friendships within the community. This piece will guide you on how seniors can enjoy playing hockey safely while having tons of fun.

Ice Hockey: Modified for Senior Safety

Ice hockey is a beloved sport, but seniors need a safer version. That’s where senior-friendly ice hockey programs come in! They focus on skill-building and teamwork instead of hardcore competition.

Safety gear like helmets, knee pads, and the right skates are key to preventing injuries. These sessions often have trained coaches who know how older players move and learn best. Seniors can play safely while still having fun, thanks to these thoughtful adjustments.

Floor Hockey: A Low-Impact Alternative

Floor hockey is great for seniors who find ice hockey too tough or risky. It’s played indoors, meaning you don’t need to skate on ice – that makes it more accessible!

Players use sticks and either a puck or a ball. The rules are changed according to how fit the players are. This type of hockey does wonders for balance and coordination while boosting heart health. Plus, being low-impact means fewer chances of falls and injuries!

Watching and Analyzing Games: A Cognitive Exercise

Hockey isn’t only about playing. Seniors can also watch games and chat about them! This is perfect for those who love the sport but might not be able to physically join in.

They could catch live or televised matches and then talk over game highlights with friends. These chats help keep minds active by remembering details, thinking critically, and interacting socially – all crucial for brain health as we get older.

Volunteering and Mentoring: Giving Back to the Community

Seniors can also connect with hockey by helping out at local youth leagues. They’re often keen on older volunteers who bring experience and know-how.

The jobs are diverse, from paperwork to coaching aid or even teaching young players new moves! This keeps seniors in touch with their favorite sport while giving them a purpose, and they get to contribute something back to the community.


Hockey isn’t just a sport; it’s an open door for seniors to stay in shape and socialize. There’s no need to worry about how fit or experienced they are! They can play the game with some tweaks here and there. Are you not into playing? Just watching games can be fun, too!

Seniors also have the chance to give back by volunteering in hockey circles. Who knew this all could add such richness to their golden years? In short, hockey’s world extends far beyond goals and assists, giving life satisfaction well into old age!

Dive deeper into the dynamics of the game and it’s potential impact on seniors’ well being with the informative infographic below

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