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Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Sports Career

If you are into athletics, team sports, or just love a morning run, you will know how important it is to be at your prime to make sure you perform at your best. Sports stars are seen as some of the fittest people around. So how do they stay so healthy?

Well, there is a lot they stay away from to perform as they do. We are here to help you know what things to cut out, to stop, or to limit to boost your performance level.


So, everyone who smokes or doesn’t knows this is a really bad habit. It can do a lot of long term damage and really hinder your performance. Kick that cigarette habit out of the window.

Smoking cannabis can also affect how you play. But cannabis itself is becoming legalized in many states and is actually used by some, such as those fighters in UFC. Cannabis can be consumed in multiple ways; some people smoke wax out of bong while others enjoy edibles. However, smoking too much cannabis can impact a player’s performance so it should be enjoyed periodically, and not as a compulsive habit. As long as you buy products from a website that is certified and know how to use it sensibly then a little won’t do any harm.

Your Diet

Are you a fast food fan? Or a bit lazy when it comes to cooking up something healthy? Then you need to make a bit more of an effort as eating right can really make a difference on the pitch. Of course, the odd treat once in a while won’t do a lot of harm.

But, you need to balance those meals and try to eat as healthy as possible. Food is our energy and it’s not surprising to know that fruits, veggies, nuts, and all those other healthier options contain the most energy. So, eat smart!


Ok, so this can be a sensitive subject as everyone will make a toast once in a while or have a drink on a special occasion. If you win a cup, you’ll want to celebrate, right? And you can.

But please don’t make a habit of it or drink in excess. Make sure you monitor what you’re drinking and always partner that cocktail, glass of wine, or beer with a cup of water. Your athletic self will thank you for it.

Working Out Too Much

Yes, you heard us right. You can actually work out too hard. A lot of experts now recommend that you do a day of exercise and then have a rest day. This is because those muscles need some time to recover. Working out every day can do a lot of damage in the long run.

If you really can’t stay away from the gym then we say do a day of cardio followed by a day of resistance. As long as you aren’t using the same muscles every day you may be ok. But, we still say give yourself a break.

So, What Should You Be Doing?

Everything else. As long as you eat right, don’t overindulge on those things you should be watching, and get enough rest, you should be ready to go and give your best. Apart from cigarettes, we aren’t saying you should cut everything out, just make sure it is all in moderation.

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