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Take to the Water this Summer

Water has long been associated with leisure pursuits, and there are now even more ways to enjoy getting wet. From a paddle in the sea to white water rafting with a company such as American Whitewater Expedition, there are opportunities to enjoy water-based activities for all age groups and interests. If you enjoy activity breaks, have a look at a sport you haven’t tried and give it a go, or if you normally go for a quiet week of sunbathing, get a little adventure in your life and take part in a water sport.

The sea

Paddling and rock pooling, dodging waves, kite flying, beachcombing; all ideal pursuits for a family trip, providing leisurely entertainment for everyone. If you have a dog, they will probably love racing around the beach and jumping in the sea, or if you like horses, you could book a beach trail ride. Swimming is an obvious option, but make sure you stick to the safest parts of the beach and observe all the safety precautions. On beaches with the right waves, you can give surfing a try. Don’t be put off by what you might have seen on TV – it’s not all about riding monster waves and catching a tube! Get some surfing lessons and if you don’t want to stand up, see if paddle boarding suits you better.

The rivers

Havens for wildlife and perfect for hiking or climbing, depending on the terrain. For a more intimate relationship with the water, have a go at kayaking. There are specialist websites like waveschamp.com that will give you a good idea of what’s involved – and why it’s such a great activity! You can also go canoeing, and if you’re feeling adventurous, there are places you can try white water rafting.

The lakes

You don’t have to venture out to sea to go scuba diving; there are lakes with plenty of wildlife, as well as shipwrecks and abandoned towns, or try Crater Lake in Oregon, which is a flooded volcano. If you want to stay above the water, a leisurely boat cruise is a peaceful way of enjoying the scenery and observing the wildlife. At larger lakes such as Lake Powell, you can hire a houseboat and spend your entire vacation on the water, exploring hundreds of miles of shoreline and inlets. If you like the feel of the breeze in your hair, have a go at windsurfing or water skiing. You’ll need to take some lessons first, but there are plenty of facilities for learning how to ride the waters on suitable lakes.

With so many different activities to try, a vacation near or on the water has a lot to offer, and it’s worth giving something different a try now and again. Remember to follow all the safety guidance for your activity and check whether you need any licenses or permits at your destination. If getting hands-on with the water still doesn’t appeal to you, you can always set up your rods and see what fish are biting, or just lay on the beach with a good book instead!

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