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Does Watching Sports Cost or Earn You Money?

This year’s FIFA World Cup was quite the tournament, wasn’t it? A display of strength by a team which didn’t even seem to hit top-gear in “The Blues,” who went on to win the entire tournament, while all the individual talent possessed by some of the biggest stars in world football proved that games like European Football are indeed team sports.

Although, one of the most interesting stories which emerged was that which involved fans, where a group of friends travelled with a life-sized cardboard cut-out of their friend whose wife wouldn’t let him make the trip across the world to Russia with his friends. All manner of arguments for and against the significance of this ensued, but something which I found to be quite interesting is how one of the arguments was fundamentally flawed.

What they said was when (characteristically) the lads are watching sports then they’re not doing any harm to anyone. If anything they’re not even spending any money, but that brings the question up of whether or not you are indeed spending money or not if all you’re doing is watching sports.

So does watching sport cost you money or does it earn you money and why is this an important question to have to ask?

Spending by default

So going to the World Cup is probably something the fellow would have saved up long and hard for and there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending time and money on some of the things you enjoy, but as a case in point for the argument I mentioned, this is invalid because by default you’re spending money when you’re watching sport. This applies even if you’re not directly spending the money, such as buying a ticket to go and see a match live and the associated costs of driving to the venue.

If you’re catching the match at the pub for example, you’re likely spending on pub-grub and on more drinks than usual, not to mention the fuel it takes to get to the pub. If you’re watching at home then you’re probably subscribed to the sporting package you’re watching the game through just so that you could enjoy the luxury of catching the game live, so you’re spending money. You probably even have a replica jersey of the sports team you support…So money is being spent by default when you’re watching sports.

How watching sports can earn you money

You can flip the script around and at the very least get even, earning money instead of spending it each time you watch sports. At the very least you can recuperate the money you’d otherwise be spending and it’s as simple as working platforms such as sport.netbet.co.uk into your sports-viewing rituals. This way you can wager just a little bit of money and do what you would otherwise be doing in any case, which is predicting the outcomes of the matches. Except should you get it right every so often, you’ll have more than one reason to celebrate.