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The Unconventional Route to Playing Pro Sports

The last copy of a popular health magazine I read (focussing on men’s health) was one which featured an article that confirmed what I’d known to be true for the longest time, which is the fact that at times content is recycled and re-packaged just to keep the publications selling. That’s okay, I guess, because I mean you might need to read something from a different perspective in order to fully understand it and you might have missed some of the earlier copies.

So if the fact that they recycled information wasn’t why I stopped buying the mag, what is?

It was one article that essentially goes down as the ultimate dream-killer, disguised as some tips which are meant to be implemented as some gospel to live by, whereas it was really just something of a promotion of mediocrity, conformity and living a life which generally celebrates being normal. I can’t quite remember the exact title word-for-word, but it was something like “Things You Need to Stop Doing Once You Reach 30 Years of Age!” Geez – it read like a boarding school rules book, which as we all know is always evolving because somewhere down the line someone realises just how stupid some of the rules are!

So anyway, we’re all for being realistic here with one’s life goals, especially when taking into account what it takes to make it as a professional sportsperson – the kind of dedication and discipline which has that chosen sporting code you want to get into ruling your entire life! However, one of the tips was to ditch the Olympic dream you have, suggesting that by age 30 if you haven’t made it in your chosen sporting code professionally then you’ll never make it and turn pro.

These are the types of things which make me angry and trust me when I say it takes a lot to anger me!

Anyway, there are many unconventional routes to playing pro sports and guess what? Age has nothing to do with it. If you have the ability then you can still make it, but naturally you will have a lot more obstacles to try and navigate, one of which is most certainly that of how your body functions less efficiently the older you get.

First things first – you will have to take your physical conditioning as seriously as someone like top, top athlete Cristiano Ronaldo does, which means discipline all-round. You can’t cheat too much here as far as your diet goes and you’ll have to compensate for your body’s deteriorated ability to recover and build new muscle mass through a number of targeted ways, like undergoing a genetic analysis test and then formulating a meal and exercise plan with a nutritionist and a professional personal trainer.

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