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Top 10 Sports Marketing Agencies – 2021 Updated

Sports marketing agencies have changed the dynamics of the sports industry. By brokering sponsorship for teams and athletes and aligning with businesses, these agencies promote goods and services through sporting events and endorsements. 

In this article, we will be sharing information about the top ten sports marketing companies worldwide. This information will help all those looking to hire professionals and well-reputed companies for various sports and marketing activities.

1. RTR Sports Marketing

First up on our list is RTR Sports Marketing, a sports marketing agency based in London, UK. With its custom, tailor-made sports sponsorship programs, this agency aims to bring people together to create exceptional sports marketing campaigns. Using sports as an effective communication tool, RTR Sports Marketing helps businesses reach their marketing and commercial goals. Sports brings people together – wherever they are in the world, and as one of the best sports marketing firms in the world, RTR Sports Marketing aims to build winning projects and implement strategies that leverage brands and businesses to the world’s top teams, athletes, and events. 

2. CAA – Creative Artists Agency

CAA is a prestigious American talent and sports organization based in California. With contracts nearing 8.5 billion USD, CAA ranks among the top three sports marketing companies globally. With over 1800 employees worldwide, CAA focuses on several popular sports, including basketball, hockey, and football. If you are a sports entity or an individual looking to manage your marketing campaigns and promotions, consider getting in touch with CAA as they have some of the best sports teams as their clients. 

3. Boras Corporation

Boras Corporation is an American baseball-only sports agency based in California. It was founded and is run by Scott Dean Boras, named the “Most Powerful Sports Agent in the World” by Forbes. The firm has an outstanding record in image-building, marketing, and branding. It represents more than 175 renowned baseball players across the U.S. If you are looking for a one-stop solution and are missing out on something unique and versatile, get in touch with Boras Corporation today! 

4. Octagon

Octagon is a rapidly growing sports marketing agency based in the U.S. With over 1000 employees and 50 offices in 22 countries. Octagon has signed on more than 200 renowned players across various sports such as golf, football, and hockey within a short period. In addition to marketing sports personalities, the agency also manages its careers and perceptions. Headed by founder and President Phil De Picciotto and Rick Dudley, Octagon is actively helping its clients stay ahead of the competition. 

5. Relativity Media

Relativity Media is a leading sports marketing agency founded by Ryan Kavanaugh and Lynwood Spinks. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, Relativity Media actively manages sports teams and individuals across various sports, including but not limited to basketball, baseball, and football. Currently, the company has contracts exceeding 3 billion USD and has more than 300 NFL and MLB sports players and personalities under its name. 

6. Lagardere Sports and Entertainment

A part of the Lagardere Group, Lagardere Sports and Entertainment is a sports agency with a highly successful presence across many sports. The company is headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, a commune in France. Spread across many countries, the agency focuses on football/soccer, golf, U.S. team sports, and various major sporting events. They also are in business with several Olympic athletes. Lagardere Sports and Entertainment has more than 1300 employees across the world, led by CEO Ugo Valensi. 

7. SportsStars

SportsStars is a sports management company headquartered in New York, U.S. It also has offices in Miami, St. Louis, and Corvallis. The company has over 30 years of rich experience in the sports industry and a proven track record. The main objective of SportsStars is to ensure that the value of all the athletes and sportspersons they manage is maximized through a rigorous and well-planned sports marketing strategy. Over the years, the company has earned handsomely in commissions covering many popular sports and sporting events.

8. Newport Sports Management

Newport Sports Management is a Canadian sports marketing agency based in Mississauga, Ontario. Over the years, it has established its presence in the U.S. and a few other countries. The company’s main focus is hockey, so it is often referred to as “the hockey agency.” However, it also offers services for other sports. Newport Sports Management is managed and run by a professional team that includes Donald E. Meehan and Patrick J. Morris. 

9. Wasserman Media Group

Wasserman Media Group is one of the most well-known U.S.-based sports marketing firms headquartered in California. It is a popular sports marketing agency that manages sports campaigns and contracts. It is actively present in popular sports such as football, basketball, golf, and baseball. In 2017, the Wasserman Media Group earned around 114 million USD as commission. The company has more than 400 clients and is a well-managed organization where teamwork is given priority. 

10. The Legacy Agency 

Last up on our list is The Legacy Agency, a renowned and respected U.S.-based sports talent and marketing agency with a global presence in more than 150 countries. Headed by Global CEO Barclay Nettlefold, the agency is in contract with more than 50 teams, athletes, and sports personalities across golf, football, baseball, and a few other sports. The agency also offers professional coaching services and is highly invested in broadcasting. The Legacy Agency is one of the few agencies worldwide that advises and builds the marketing reputation for MLB and NFL drafts. 

Final Words

We hope this article gave you a good idea about the top sports marketing agencies in the world. However, with many agencies out there, choosing the right one can be tough. Therefore, you need to spend some time and conduct research to identify the right firm for you. Read up about their reputation and goodwill, see how experienced they are, and try to determine their strengths and weaknesses to see if you can build a trusting relationship with them. 

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