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Tips for learning a sport in a short time

It can be intimidating to be in a crowd of sports lovers and not have a grasp of what they are talking about. If you find that you’re around people talking about football or basketball and are genuine fans, you ought to consider getting into step with them. That doesn’t mean that you’ll now be giving a narration of the entire game. It merely means that you can follow conversations and know the right questions to ask. How will you get there? Let’s dive in.

Watch sports news

If you can’t sit through entire matches, watch summaries of games to know how things are going, for example, in a tournament or a league. You’ll be able to know who the top players are and what makes them fantastic at their game. You don’t have to watch it daily, but when you are catching up about half an hour of dedicated time will have you caught up in the happenings of a given sport. You can do that right before you head to your favorite store, online head shop included. Sports segments on the news or dedicated websites are the top tools of choice. Learn the history, present, and future predictions as well.

Read articles, biographies or autobiographies

There is perhaps a book for every sport out there written either by someone retired or still in the game or people analyzing someone’s career. What reading such articles does is gets you into a player’s mind so that you can understand the dynamics of what is going on. It also gives you an inside look at a sport, and will perhaps make you more knowledgeable than someone who has been watching the game for a long time. Here is where you’ll know what kind of questions to ask or points to make such as “I thought such and such…” so you can impress people even though you’re an amateur.

Let people know you’re still learning the sport

Now that you have information about the sport don’t go flaunting your knowledge. Each sport has a culture with a rich history behind it. Fans will know this but you would not, so you might end up making an incorrect assumption about a player or the sport that will leave you being stared at in annoyance. That is why when people are talking about sports, make it clear that you know a bit. Your silence will be interpreted as learning, which it is. Once you get the gist, ask questions, and watch opinions and hot debates ensue.

Remember, it’s all entertainment

Though we’ve given you pointers on how to enhance your knowledge, take it with the same interest you would an online head shop you’ve come across. It is meant to be interesting, not something that stresses you out. Do it for the fun of it, and if it doesn’t feel like it, leave it and be true to you. 

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