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Three Factors to Maintain Good Eye Health

Eye tiredness, blurred vision, inflamed eyes and occasional double vision are all possible side effects of spending hours each day in front of a computer screen. Our eyes are negatively impacted by our increasing use of computers and other gadgets. Many of us spend the most of our workdays in front of PCs, then switch to our mobile devices and sit in front of the TV during breaks or after hours. In the end, many of us are familiar with eye strain, dry eye (or and migraines. However, it doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore the screen because there are many advantages of using these technologies to help you with your life and with other things, for example, you could generate profit from playing a wide range of games that are available at CNOG, or you can do online research to help you with your studies or to help you a secure a job, there are endless of things you can do with the internet.

As we can see, removing the presence of screens from our lives is not possible. What we can do instead is take care of our eye health as a preventative measure instead of a cure. Many food items are beneficial for our eyes, along with supplements from the likes of Natural Ophthalmics or similar brands. A combination of a good diet and health supplements can provide enough nutrients to the eyes to maintain their wellness.

Furthermore, in this article, we will be discussing three ways on how you can care for your eyes to avoid extreme damage.

Eye Squinting – Occasionally squint to refresh your vision, the dryness of the eyes might be exacerbated by the frequent squinting that goes on while using a computer. Tears from flickering refresh and lubricate your eyes. When looking at a screen, make an effort to increase the frequency with which it flickers. If you are noticing that your vision is not as good as it used to be or that it is going cloudy, you will need to go for a check-up to see what the issue is. It may be due to age or another underlining issue, which could require you to have surgery, whether that is laser surgery to correct the problem or cataract treatment to help your eyes. Don’t delay if you think that there is a problem as it will get worse as time goes on.

Screen Swapping and Changing your Settings – Switching to a different monitor and ensuring that the screen’s highest point is at or slightly below eye level by positioning it in front of you at a reasonable distance away. Having a comfortable chair where your level with the monitor is an added bonus as well. You will know this already but we’re going to mention it regardless, DON’T sit too close to the computer screen. A good tip is to go into the monitor settings and changing the brightness, contrast etc to your personal needs.

20/20/20 Rule – Take a break from staring at the screen, you can take a break from your screen for the rest of the day by putting it away for a while. Take a look at the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, take a look at anything at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds, according to the advice of the surrey optometrist.

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