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The Significance of Good Looks in Major Sports

If you follow sports, then you know there is a lot more going on than just how good you are at athletics. There is charisma involved. There is feel, and logic, and networking. And there is also appearance – as in, it makes a difference to an athlete how good they look! You can pretend that this doesn’t matter all you want, but when you think about athletics in terms of holistics, you know that the people on the cover of magazines are the ones who figure out how to use their appearance to their advantage.

Looking at this significance of good looks, think about where the intersection of money, sports, and appearance all make a difference. Lots of sports figures make money on advertising. How important do you think appearances when it comes to promotions on TV? 

Then, looks aren’t just for sports figures either. They are also for commentators. Recognizing and up keeping appearances as a television announcer is a huge deal. Finally, there are various pressures and expectations when it comes to public figures, and this is very true about sports figures. Certain people can’t let their appearance drop below an acceptable level to the public at large, whether they want to or not.

Advertising Money

There is no denying there is big money in sports advertising. Product placement and promotions can be more of an athlete’s income than the money that they make from actually playing their games! When you start seeing multimillion dollar sports contracts for specific projects and products, you will note how important appearance is. Sports figures will often have handlers that accept or decline particular types of offers, and it usually has something to do with appearance, suitability, and even the availability of certain types of gigs.

Keeping Up the Look for Sportscasters

Sportscasters also have to pay attention to how they look. They have to dress up to a certain level. Especially on HDTV, the age of certain sportscasters shows up very distinctly. Because of this, there are TV personalities that will often get Botox or other surgeries to make sure they keep up appearances. It ends up just being a part of the cost of being on television. It’s not even a secret. If it’s your job to look good on TV, then you have to do what it takes to ensure this visual appeal is maintained over the years.

Pressure and Expectations on Public Figures

A final thing to consider about appearances when it comes to sports figures online is there is a tremendous amount of pressure and a lot of expectations on people that are in public view. People who make millions of dollars are expected to be happy. Or they are expected to be intense looking all the time. 

Or they are expected to fulfill some narrative. In this way, professional athletes are like actors when they are in public, and this can be a drain on them physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. It probably feels very painful to age as a sports figure once you are past your prime.

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