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The Fitness Triangle: Understanding It

Fitness is a condition of well-being and physical fitness, more specifically, your capacity to do certain tasks, jobs, sports and even everyday activities without falling short of your own expectations. Practically speaking, physical fitness aims to keep you fit through the replacement of body parts through healthy activity and training. Physical fitness results from gradual changes in your body and your activities and not from a sudden breakthrough. Usually, people want to get fit to stay healthy, but sometimes people want to get fit to look good, for vanity’s sake, or just because they think that it’s sexy to be fit and trim. They may reach this goal by using a fitness tracker like a FitBit so they can make sure they are constantly monitoring what they do so they can see where they need to improve day-to-day, plus there are so many different bands they can combine it with, Mobile Mob has tons of choices to check out, that they can pair their FitBit with any outfit at any time so it blends in.

Fitness involves several components including muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Muscular endurance refers to your body’s ability to sustain a specific level of physical activity over a period of time. Cardiovascular endurance, on the other hand, is all about how long you can continue to circulate oxygen to your body. Flexibility is the means by which your muscles can move. Whether you’re lifting a couch potato or jogging down the street, your muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance determine how long you can do your activity. And while you may be doing all of these things as part of a fitness program, sometimes just being in good overall shape isn’t enough to boost your morale, especially if you feel as though you could be doing more.

Muscular endurance involves the fibers and the cells of the muscles. These fibers and cells are made up of protein and build up overtime. In fact, if your body has gone for some time without a substantial workout, the proteins will have built up to such an extent that you’ll begin to see results from the reduction of your body fat. You might wonder what the connection between muscle and fitness is, but it’s simple. As the fibers of the muscle contract, with a little help from hormones, the force with which the muscle contracts is greater than the force with which the fiber resists the contraction of the muscle, so it actually stretches.

Muscular flexibility is just the same thing – it’s all about flexibility. When you contract your muscles, they will stretch, just like the fibers in a rope. If they aren’t stretched out to their maximum length, there is no strength in them, and this limits their ability to support your body. A good fitness regimen makes sure that these fibers are always stretched out. It also ensures that you’re developing them, so you don’t suffer from a lack of muscular power and stamina in your later years.

The third component of our “Fitness triangle” is physical fitness. This element actually encompasses your body composition, or how your muscle and tissue are distributed. Not everyone will have the same body composition, and this makes it extremely important to get in shape if you want to remain healthy. Your physical fitness level is actually determined by your muscular strength, but it’s also influenced by your body composition. If you’re overweight, you’ll need to eat more than if you’re very skinny, and if you’re carrying excess body fat, you’ll need to burn off that fat – and that means increasing your flexibility, too.

By taking an active role in staying active, you not only ensure good health, but also a physically fit and attractive appearance. Fitness, in its most pure form, is about the total condition of the human body. And while we’re discussing physical fitness, remember that the definition you see in the mirror may not be the same as it would be when looking at yourself in a fitness video. Most professionals would agree that it’s best to view yourself in the mirror while exercising rather than watching somebody else do it.

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