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The Fine Margins Between Winning and Losing

As a serious fan and supporter of your favourite team, particularly when it plays against its fiercest rival, the likelihood is that nothing annoys you more than an opposition fan who taunts you while displaying a clear lack of in-depth understanding of the sport. I’m talking about scenarios like when your best mate’s girlfriend, who knows absolutely nothing about the sport, would proclaim their team’s superiority over yours when in reality it was a matter of the fine margins which exists between winning and losing.

Only naturally compelled by your love for your team and perhaps the specific sporting code in general, your emotions would take the form of a bit of annoyance if not anger. Resist the urge to get angry though. If it’s understandably too strong to resist, express it by channelling it into something more positive and constructive than perhaps engaging in a mindless argument that would only have you effectively talking to a brick wall, in any case.

You’d lose any bet against someone who was adamant you wouldn’t be able to make the clueless “supporter” see reason. You’ll never be able to get through to a brick wall, no matter how solid your argument is, so rather channel that energy into something more constructive.

Speaking of betting, that is indeed a more constructive channel through which to perhaps make use of that restless energy which stems from the annoyance of your team losing by the finest of margins. Beyond some great free betting offers to take advantage of, you can “get your own back” by effectively hedging the outcomes of the games and events you enjoy watching. It can also be possible in the growing realm of esports gambling.

This is how you can effectively ensure you walk away having gained something, whether your team wins or loses. Simply put down a wager against your team and make sure to bet significantly so that if it does indeed go on to lose, the subsequently big win you walk away with won’t leave you feeling the effects of the fact that the team you love so much actually lost.

It is after all a matter of some very fine margins we’re dealing with when addressing sports, particularly that which is competitive and professional. The truth is all these professionals are pretty much operating on relatively the same levels, which is why you get the likes of football teams like Barcelona winning by the fine margin of only 1-0 en route to becoming the great sporting institution that they are.

Make the fine margins count in your favour!

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