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The Benefits Of Mouth Guards When Playing Sports

Australians are known for their sporty dispositions, and when the weather allows it, many of us are out in the local parks, or on the local beaches playing some kind of contact sport. We love our footie here and we also love playing other contact sports like soccer and rugby. However, many of us don’t take the necessary precautions when we play sports such as these, and so we end up losing teeth as a result of not playing with a mouth guard.

Protect yourself.

It is becoming increasingly more important now that kids are given the necessary protection to allow them to enjoy playing the sport, but also to protect them from any unnecessary injuries. Nobody thinks twice about having to wear a helmet or shin-guards, but when it comes to a mouth guard, people are a little bit reluctant. However, when people start to lose teeth as a result of playing their favourite sport, then they start to pay attention to the many benefits of wearing a mouth guard.

Special fitting.

The mouth guard itself can be specially made to fit your mouth and the layout of your teeth and places like McMahons Point Dental services are more than happy to create the mouth guard that is going to keep your smile intact and your teeth inside your mouth. Here are some of the many benefits for wearing a mouth guard during sporting events.

  • It prevents cuts and bruising – Once you have a mouth guard made for your individual mouth, it helps to prevent your teeth and tongue from injury should you be hit by a bat or a ball, or maybe even get involved in an altercation in the sporting arena. Tempers can sometimes be lost on the sports field and it is a normal part of the game, but it always makes sense to protect your mouth and teeth in such events.
  • Prevents tooth issues – There is a high likelihood that during the throes of a game, that teeth might get chipped or cracked, and in the worst-case scenario, teeth can be knocked out of the mouth completely. This is to be avoided at all costs and a properly fitted mouth guard will provide the protection that you need. It is money very well spent and you will be thankful that you took the time to get it done.
  • Lower jaw protection – The mouth guard provides protection so that if there is an impact, the jaw does not fracture and damage the bone. The mouth guard also helps prevent injuries to your brain because when you get hit in the mouth, it might cause lockjaw and when this happens, you may experience a concussion.

It is always best to be safe than sorry, and taking the time to get a mouth guard specially made to suit the contours of your teeth, could be one of your better decisions. Nobody wants to have to lose teeth playing a sport that they love.

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