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Sporty Ways To Keep Your Body Fit

Staying active is a huge part of keeping your body healthy overall.  If you don’t get up and move your bones, you’re a lot more likely to deal with physical ailments and chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis.  

Standard exercise routines may not sound very interesting or fun, and dreading the action of exercise is a huge part of why so many people don’t move often enough.  Keep your body moving, and consider these sporty ways to keep your body fit.  

Play basketball with friends

Playing a game of basketball will definitely make you exercise.  The constant movement is great for getting your cardio in for the week.  Bobbing and weaving to get around opponents will help to hone your body’s agility.  

The action of shooting the ball is also a valuable part of the workout.  Playing basketball works your whole body, and it’s a super enjoyable way to get the exercise your body needs to stay healthy.  

Train for your first 5K

It sounds like a tall order, but training for your first 5K race is actually a really good excuse to start some healthy trends in your life.  If you’re not on the metric scale in your head, a 5K translates to just over three miles.  You can walk or run the race, whichever makes you more comfortable.  

However, the whole point of getting in shape is to get outside of your comfort zone.  The rise of remote technology has also presented the opportunity to run races from a distance.  You can do a 5K race from the comfort of your treadmill if you so choose.  

Check out pickleball for exercise

Pickleball is a weird name for a weird little sporting opportunity.  If you want to step away from the traditional, you could look into what you like or don’t like about playing pickleball with friends. Although it’s not dangerous, make sure you’re wearing the right shoes to play pickleball, so you don’t put your knees at risk.  

If you’re not familiar with pickleball, it’s similar to tennis.  There are a lot of different aspects, but you can totally get into pickleball if a racket and a court sound like your thing. Plus, if you’ve already got a tennis court at home or nearby, then converting to pickleball becomes easy; all you need to do is make a few adjustments to the layout and the net height and you’re good to go!

Bringin’ back the oldies 

If you’re in your 30’s, then you know there are a lot of really fun games that used to be played during recess.  There’s no shame in bringing back the good old days by enjoying some of the old games you used to play with your current buddies.  

Get some sidewalk chalk, and set up a friendly game of four square.  If you don’t remember the rules to play, it’s a simple Google search to find the answers you need.  

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