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What Makes a Sports Team Successful?

If we think about globally popular sports like soccer in particular, some of the biggest names in terms of success which come to mind include the likes of Real Madrid, AC Milan, and in recent times Barcelona and Bayern Munich, certainly in terms of the Uefa Champions League of course. As far as domestic leagues go, we have teams like PSG in the French Ligue 1, Manchester United and Liverpool (historically) in the English Premier League, but the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City in more recent times, etc.

Internationally the Brazilian national football team may seem to have gone through a bit of slump in recent years, but their record of having won five titles still puts them ahead of any other nation, with Germany’s four titles pretty much making for some great evidence to back up what I’m going to be discussing about exactly what it is which makes a sports team successful.


Any soccer club or national football team which is associated with long-term success realises this success on the back of having some prestige and pedigree, with its foray into the competitive sports scene naturally going back quite a long way. I mean just look at the clubs which win the Champions League – these are not clubs which were formed just yesterday, had a lot of money pumped into them and suddenly they produced the goods.

So pedigree goes a long way in coming together with quite a few other elements which make up a successful sports team. These are teams which professional players, budding and established want to play for.


Tying in very closely with pedigree is an identity by way of what makes a sports team successful. You look at any team which has won the World Cup for example and you can associate a certain playing style with them which has been consistent over the years. We have our German robots whose “robotic” playing style is terribly effective for them, while on the other hand the likes of that Latin flair synonymous with the Brazilians has been an identity which has worked for them as well.


In the same way that some of the biggest lotto247 winners report to have been taking that chance and diligently buying that ticket with some admirable consistency, it’s the same kind of consistency which adds to the unique mix of elements which make up a successful sports team. How may World Cups have Brazil participated in, for example? The answer is all of them and if you look over at Germany’s record, they’ve been one of the most consistent teams at the World Cup as well in terms of the progress they make, always there or thereabouts by way of the crucial stages of the tournament.

The phrase “you have to buy the ticket if you want to win” is also commonly used by commentators as they note how the most successful of these clubs and teams are the ones with the most attempts at goal, so it’s simply a matter of doing everything in their power to try, try and try again!

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