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Small Racing on A Big Scale

When most of us think of sports, we think of events like football, soccer, baseball, and even cheerleading. What doesn’t come to mind is RC racing. More and more people are getting involved in the world of RC racing.  Whether they are running their remote controlled boats, cars, or tanks (yes, I said tanks,) there is a just as big an urgency to win first place as there is in a formula one event. Below are some tips on how to make your vehicle perform to the absolute best of its ability so that you can be the one at the top of the podium at your next RC race.

Your Motor

There are many parts to an RC motor from the 20 AWG magnet wire to the battery to the magnet, itself. One of the most important things to decide is whether or not you choose to have a brushed or brushless motor. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. The brushed motor can be wired directly, making control as simple as a switch, but they are not as efficient and cost more, because there are more parts to wear out and replace. Brushless motors last longer and are more efficient, because there are no brushes to wear out. The downside to that is that they are more expensive, because there is more to controlling them than just a switch.

Your Tech

Along the way to your many medals, the world of technology will make results easier to achieve. Getting involved in the world of RC racing will take some investment of money and time, but if you invest wisely, you won’t regret the effort. The most important thing to keep updated in your quest for the gold is your sensors. These are the journals your vehicle keeps on what is working and how well or how badly it’s working.  As you are driving, flying, or tanking, each sensor is working to end back data on how well the parts in your vehicle are getting along and the output and performance of the total vehicle. Without this data, you don’t know how to improve your game. Make sure your sensors have the latest tech working for them.

Your Skill

This is a no brainer here. You have to, at least, keep up with the skill level of your competitors. Keep up on the news. Make sure that you know your competitor well. Knowing their weaknesses and strengths could be the detail that helps you win the next race. Practice several different kinds of tracks several times a week. This way, you will be comfortable with whatever terrain you come across and there will be less of a chance of running into turns that catch you off guard. Practice in any sport is necessary to get better.

Finally, go have fun! No sport is worth the headache if involvement isn’t fun.

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