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Should you go for leggings or booty shorts in the gym?

It is a question that is posed by many women everyday, what should they be wearing to the gym? The choice in these current times with all the gym clothes out there for those trying to stay active can seem like a lot at times, although many are just glad to be back in the gym as physical activity has provided great relief for many since the pandemic hit but now things are back to normal (touch wood!).

Getting out and going to Truth Gym Gallery (or any other gym in your neighborhood) could be a great way to socialize with others and improve your mental wellbeing. So it is definitely a better world when the gyms are open and hopefully, it remains this way now. Now that there is less worry about the gyms being open, it begs the question of the importance of workout clothing, as it has many functions to help you get the best out of yourself when performing your workout. Even if you do not have the time to go to the gym and get a quick home workout in, should you go for leggings or women’s booty shorts?

Both are popular choices amongst female gym goers, when it comes to working out the lower half of the body it is important you are equipped with the right ones depending on your workout. With a variety of retailers out there specialising in gym clothes such as Trainfit who offer a great variety of products, finding the right pair for you might not seem so difficult now. This blog will compare the benefits of both leggings and women’s booty shorts and how to make the difficult choice when it comes to deciding between the two! So keep on reading to find out more.

Women’s Booty Shorts vs Leggings

Women’s booty shorts can come in many varieties, so the question posed is what’s best for me? Whilst it’s important to look good and feel confident when you’re working out, you don’t want to sacrifice style over substance; compromising on your workout through the choice of clothing. It’s more important that you get the best out of yourself and give yourself every chance to push yourself as far as you can go! So when it comes to women’s booty shorts, there are ones that aren’t only stylish to give you the best workout outfit, but also don’t compromise on practicality for the individual. However, one important consideration that comes along with wearing shorts is hair removal. To feel the most confident in your shorts, you may have to schedule regular salon visits for waxing. Of course, there happen to be permanent solutions to that unwanted hair growth as well, in the form of Semper Laser Hair Removal, for instance, but if you aren’t up for it, leggings could be your best bet.

However, when it comes to leggings there are a number of factors to consider. For example, making sure they’re squat-proof and are the appropriate fabric to suit your workout needs. Another suggestion is how prone you are to working up a sweat, and if the leggings have the ability to keep up through quick-dry tech compared to a pair of gym shorts. A nifty test for this if you’re ordering them online is to put a drop of water on the inside layer and observe what happens. This can be done with any gym product/clothing you buy within reason as long as it doesn’t damage it to the extent where it’s non-refundable!

It’s up to you whether women’s booty shorts or leggings suit you better, depending on the purpose you’ll be using them for and your own personal workout routine as everyone is different. For example if you focus more on cardio based fitness than women’s gym shorts would be the better choice for you, and with many retailers such as Trainfit out there, there’s plenty of choice to find the right ones for you.

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