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Should You Get Your Golf Club Fitted?

A growing number of golfers are opting to get their golf clubs fitted, perhaps largely due to persuasion by salesmen and club pros who scorn at the idea of buying off the rack. But is it really worth it? What does the process even entail?

Before we determine whether getting your club fitted is money well spent, let’s take a moment to understand what a fitting involves. Put simply, a club fitting is the process of taking a static and dynamic measurement of your swing. The data is then used to determine important aspects of your club’s design based on what will best suit your game.

This includes the shaft, flex, loft, lie, angle, length, grip, and head design. Once the measurements are taken, you’ll proceed to hit a few shots and possibly try irons with varying lofts and lies. Your playing habits and abilities will be surveyed. From here, the club-fitter will provide an educated opinion about what will work best for your game.

Sounds good, right? The reality is that a club fitting will benefit players of all experience levels, just in different ways. Detailed below is how the fitting process benefits a beginner, average player, and professional golfer.

Fitting Benefits for Beginners

Beginners tend to lack consistent motion in their swing, but they do have a sort of baseline action that makes fitting for length, lie, grip and some other aspects beneficial to their game. If you’re looking for a reputable professional to get fitted at any experience level, be sure to check out this fittings expert at Deepdale golf club.

Length: This will help you identify the most suitable posture to improve the consistency of your swing.

Lie: In addition to helping you counter your miss tendencies, fitting for lie will further improve your consistency.

Grip: An important but often overlooked fundamental of fitting, identifying a size and weather-appropriate grip size is important for beginner players.

Head: A suitable head model should be chosen based on your swing habits.

Flex: Identifying a suitable shaft weight and flex will help you maximize the consistency of your game.

Fitting Benefits for Average Golfers

Common issues with average golfers include their shaft flex, set make-up and tendency to play too little loft throughout the bag. A basic fitting is subsequently a worthwhile endeavor.

Set Make-Up: Average players have a better idea of what works for them, so the job of the fitter is now to recommend smaller adjustments.

Shaft Details: Since average players have more than just a baseline motion, this is a suitable time to get fitted for lighter or heavier shafts, as well as stiffer and softer variants.

Fitting Benefits for Professionals

Professionals can still benefit from a fitting as fitters can recommend highly specific, personalized options. This includes special touches such as altering the bounce on irons and wedges based on their angles of attack to improve a game. Changing your driver settings is often done to make a significant difference in your confidence and playability.


Fitting is useful at all stages of your golfing career. It can help you play better and avoid wasting money on the wrong equipment, making it a worthwhile consideration.

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