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Save Money With Eco Friendly Products

Terms such as eco friendly, plastic free, and organic have inundated the marketplace. Many of us have an understanding that many of the resources we have traditionally been using are limited and their creation is having global impacts on the environment. Anyone who has lived on the west coast this year has a very visceral image of the impact of our choices on the world around us. While we may know we should choose eco friendly products for many of us they can seem cost prohibitive. When we are counting every penny so that we can pay our bills and keep food on the table being eco friendly is likely to fall pretty low on our list of priorities. The good news is there are now many cost effect alternatives to traditional products which allow us to be mindful of our budgets while also doing our part for the planet.

Eco Friendly Body Products:

When we wake up and step into the shower we often reach for a wide range of products from shampoo and conditioner to body wash. When we brush our teeth we reach for a toothbrush and toothpaste and mouthwash. These products are some of the most intimate products we use in our lives. These products caress our skin and are incorporated into our bodies. This means that these products are a great place to start our transition to more eco friendly products.

You might consider a shampoo or conditioner bar which provides the same great clean feeling you are looking for without chemicals and plastics which are harmful for the planet and our bodies. Such shampoo and conditioner bars are also great if you are going to travel and last much longer than a traditional bottle of shampoo. You might try switching from a traditional plastic toothbrush to a renewable one made of bamboo. You might try a toothpaste tab which is an all natural and protiple alternative to traditional toothpaste. The great news is there are a wide range of eco friendly body products which can fit anyone’s budget and with a little research can turn out to be more cost effective than traditional products.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products:

We all want to have homes that are clean from top to bottom. We may forget how many products we use to keep our homes clean and tidy. We may forget how many chemicals are in many of those products and the negative impact those chemicals can have. When trying to go eco friendly we might consider cost effective products such as wool dryer balls. While some of these products have higher up front costs eco friendly products often last much longer which makes them a better deal in the long term. This is a case where we have to invest in these products in order to gain the long financial benefits.

We also might consider making our own cleaning products. A combination of vinginer, water, lemon, and rosemary makes a wonderful all purpose cleaner, baking soda and water makes a great kitchen deodorizer, and vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water helps you keep your windows shining and streak free. There are easy to make cleaning products and recipes online for your every need. You can keep your home clean simply using items you likely already have in your pantry.

You do not need to have tons of money in order to start to transition to using more eco friendly products in your home. Two areas you can have a large impact on by going eco friendly include revamping your body products and your cleaning products. While it will be challenging to do a sudden complete top to bottom eco friendly reboot of your home if you look at your home area by area and category by category you can find small changes that will have a big impact and save you money at the same time.

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