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Riding the Slopes Like a Pro: Snowboarding Tips and Tools for Beginners

Many love the slopes and look for different ways to rush down the mountain. Skiers often double as snowboarders or beginners gravitate toward boarding initially. Like any other activity, beginners should be mindful of their surroundings and receptive to tips others with experience can provide. Here’s a few suggestions to help get you riding the slopes like a pro.

Get Used to Skating

Sure, if you have experience on a skateboard, it will help with snowboarding, but what’s insinuated is the ability to stay strapped to your snowboard while your back foot is free. Feeling comfortable doing so will help you get around the mountain, on and off the lifts, etc. A beginner needs more time on top of their board, so you may as well start gliding.

Bend at the Knees

Many beginners are nervous and rigid. Such a stance makes one straight rather than bent at the knees, which is better for smoother riding. Thinking about it practically will help you remember to keep your knees bent. Keeping your knees bent helps maintain a better center of gravity. Since you’ll be riding fast, your body needs help in maintaining that center. Bending at the knees is how to do it.

Check Your Speed

Every beginner is afraid of generating too much speed and crashing or falling. Unfortunately, beginners are at fault. Rather than board down the mountain, focus on riding across it for the time being. Sure, you will go slower but you’ll learn to command the board. As you feel more balanced and skilled, you can begin turning downward and generating more speed.

Wear the Right Gear

Nothing can stymie a happy day on the mountain more than feeling cold and wet. Aside from taking spills, coming ill prepared or wearing the wrong gear is the worst mistake a rookie snowboarder can make. Be sure to wear a base layer that won’t hold sweat. You don’t want your clothes to be sweaty. Also, wear an outer shell that is waterproof. You can find apparel at mountain shops, but learn how to buy gear online. Female snowboarders should also take into consideration that they will need a sports bra suitable for high-intensity sports, and so check out GetBraAdvice.com for advice on picking out the right one.

Know the Conditions

Get a sense of the snow and weather conditions before committing to a day on the mountain. For one, you don’t want to snowboard on a day that is heavily crowded. It will be more intimidating. Also, you want to avoid days with poor snow conditions, days when it’s icy with little powder. Use an Android weather app to stay informed of real-time conditions.

Be Mindful of Who You Board With

You may go on a trip with other beginners or you may tag along with your buddies who are a few steps away from being pros. It’s okay to try and keep up with the first bunch, but you can get seriously hurt trying advanced slopes with seasoned snowboarders. Be mindful of who you’re with, where you’re going, and the skill level of each run you initiate. Stay on the beginner’s slopes for the first few hours!

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