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Preparing for the Winter Snow Sports Season in Whistler, Blackcomb

Whistler is home to vast mountain ranges and spectacular hiking trails. You’d be mesmerised by the variety of paths available as each depicts a different beauty of nature depending on the season you visit. But Whistler’s strong points aren’t just its tourist-viewing nature spectacles; it’s also home to one of the most extensive skiing and snowboarding routes that is open allyear round. With the winter season coming closer and closer, athletes who are looking to train themselves in the best conditions possible can visit Whistler, Blackcomb to develop their skills and to take their best to the next level by training in the best environment at the best time.

Get your body in shape

Any athlete knows that maintenance is the most challenging part of training. Though you might not have been on the snow for quite some time, you still need to continue your regimen even indoors. Besides taking a trip every once in a while, to an indoor snow dome, there are other ways to keep your body in shape and fit for that trip to the snowfields. Boosting your endurance, core strength, and lower body resistance is a great way to keep peak performance levels. Together with a high-calorie intake diet, you won’t feel the need for that much of a transition once you’ve decided to pick-up your skiing gear again.

Dust off your rustiness

Once you’re there, you’ll face the dazzling snowy mountains of Blackcomb and its rich white snow ripe for some boarding. If you don’t have or you no longer fit into your gear, you can look and find rental services for snow gear for your convenience. If you’re still feeling uneasy, you can always shake off your rustiness by getting a bit of your muscle memory back by enrolling in ski &snowboard courses to give you a refresher on the dos and don’ts in the snow. Once you’re comfortable, it’s time to bring out you’re A-game once again.

Remember the snow

As a friendly reminder to athletes and a major tip for beginners, always know how to deal with snow. What makes skiing difficult isneeding the knowledge of learning and applying the technique, committing to training and discipline for the body, and having an intuition when it comes to dealing with snow.The different types of snow can help you in knowing how to adjust your runs to optimise control and speed at the same time.

Snow changes depending on the time, location, and the ‘wear and tear’ that it endures from previous runners. Switch your speed and handling if you’re about to deal with crust and crud, as they could be hiding more than just leftover snow and could lead you to a bumpy injury if you’re not too careful. Watch out for the perfect snowfall of some sweet powder falling on your way. Since it’s time for the winter season, there’ll be masses of blanket powder ripe for the taking.

Image from:  Pixabay.com