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Popular Sporting Events To Look Forward To This Summer

The past year or so has been a very difficult period for the entire world as we have all been affected in one way or another by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. One industry that has certainly been affected by Covid-19 has been the sporting calendar with many events having to be cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic as the height of the pandemic has caused a lot of issues. And due to this, the entire sporting calendar has had to be altered and so we look forward to the most popular sporting events to look forward to this summer.

Sporting events to look forward to in 2021 – The Upcoming

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The first event in which most sports fans are looking forward to this summer is that of the Euros which was one of the tournaments that had to be postponed to this year due to the pandemic. This is the first time that a major tournament has had to be cancelled since the World War and football fans have made this clear as the anticipation for the tournament this year is incredible. There are a lot of big sides in this tournament with France, England and Italy all putting there all into this tournament.

The Olympics is another event that must be postponed last year due to the coronavirus, and after the long wait of 5 years for the last Olympics, sports fans around the world are certainly looking forward to this one. The Olympics has always been one of the most watched sporting events around the world as it is inclusive of everyone as there is a sport of interest there for all, and so is certainly something to look forward to in Tokyo come the summer. 

And finally, the last sporting event that sports fans are looking forward to this summer is the NBA play offs which will lead into the championship game. This is the first year in which Lebron James has been out of the play offs in the first round and so it has left the opportunity for a team to win it that wouldn’t usually with the Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks all looking to paint their stake this summer.

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