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Best Pickle paddle To Buy

Pickleball enthusiasts always have a hard time when it comes to choosing the best pickle paddle to buy. There are currently several pickleball paddles available, but if you are new to pickleball or just shopping for a new paddle, selecting the best might not be a walk in the park. You will be surrounded with many brands, different prices, various makes, and brands. All these options make choosing the best one a hard decision to make. The list of pickleball paddles below narrows down to the best paddles available to enjoy the game.

Pro-Lite Chrome N-R-G

Pro-Lite chrome N-R-G is among the well-manufactured pickleball paddles which is why you will find it at the top of many best pickleballpaddle reviews. The way it is made makes it stand out. Its core is made out of polymer, and the face is fiberglass. When it comes to paddle length and width, Pro-Lite is 15 and 7 respectively. Pro-lite comes with an average of 7.8 oz which gives the player a good swig when playing. The weight might feel a bit bulkier, but it comes with an advantage of giving the player more power.

Paddletek Phoenix LTE

Picklepaddle players who love lightweight paddle should go for PaddletekPhoenix LTE. It is light in weight precise, and its balance is perfect. Paddle Phoenix LTE is suitable for both senior players and also young upcoming players. Although, Paddletek lightweight makes a player loses power all this is countered by the control a player gets from using a Paddletek paddle. Paddletek phoenix core is made of polymer while its face is made out of composite. When it comes to weight, Paddletek comes at an average of 7.1 oz. It has a grip circumference of 4 1/4. Paddletek is USAPA approved and is available in red or blue colors.

Gamma Mirage

Gamma Mirage is another paddle that is heavy when it comes to weight, 8 oz, but give gives the player more power. Gamma paddle is heaviness is focused on the end of the paddle instead of the handle. This feature provides the player an advantage since the player will have more power when swigging to hit the ball. Another important feature is the handle has big puncture holes that absorb a lot of sweat on the player’s hands hence making the grip firm unlike having smaller puncture holes.

Onix React Graphite Paddle

Onix React Graphite paddle is the technology paddle for pickleball players. The manufacturers have combined two of the most common paddle making materials polypropylene and granite to come up with Onix React. The polypropylene used gives the players extra control and balance while granite on the face provides a stable surface for hitting the ball. Onix React graphite comes with an average weight of 8.3-8.7 oz and available in green and black colors. Onix is made of high-end materials which makes it more expensive but gives players more control and balance. For information about this paddle and other paddles, make sure to conduct thorough research.

The paddles listed above are among many pickleball paddles on the market with each made with different specs. The price of a paddle should not be the deal breaker when shopping for a new paddle. Go through several and find one that suits you as a player.

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