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How to Get Your Passion for Sports to Pay You

Sports fans are some of the most passionate people you will ever meet in your life, even if you’re one of them yourself. This includes those who don’t really harbour a passion for sports in general, but follow a certain team. They have just as much passion. For all that we do to appease our passion for sports though, often it involves spending money. You can turn the tables and actually get your passion to pay you instead of it making for just another expense.

Become an unofficial pundit

You can get started right away as an unofficial sports pundit, all of which channels to do so can be monetized rather handsomely with the right approach and commitment. For instance, you could start a blog on which you can go on to sell some advertising and it won’t be too difficult to achieve the kind of readership that makes your sports blog valuable to advertisers. All you need to do is discuss the sports topics you always discuss with your friends and other sports fans as naturally as you normally do.

Another way of approaching your unofficial sports punditry journey is by shooting videos to be uploaded to your YouTube channel, which by the way can also be monetized with native ads. Top tip: target the sports betting industry with your advertising space, something which is perhaps done automatically if you go the YouTube route and publish content that has to do with sports.

Sell sports memorabilia

If you can’t as yet get advertisers to buy advertising space directly on your sports blog or through the other channels through which you’d be exercising your punditry, you can always go the affiliate marketing route. Sell sports memorabilia or anything else related to sports as an affiliate.

Handy hint: sports fans are normal people as well and they’re not just itching to buy products that are linked to sports or their favourite sports teams. You could sell anyone of the many smoking accessories available via the Grasscity affiliate program, for example, I mean because what do people do when they’re busy watching their favourite teams on the telly?

Open up a sports bar or hold live viewing events

This will require quite a bit of capital and a lot more physical commitment, but the good old sports bar still makes for one the most profitable business models of all-time, or at least ever since sports became organised. Why do you think so many alcohol brands advertise so vigorously around live sporting events screened on TV?

Get into sports betting

Turn your knowledge of the games into what can be a serious income stream with some big paydays waiting for sports pundits who put their money where their mouth is and officially bet on the games. You’re bound to win at some point, even if you don’t necessarily win big, but your journey can be documented to add some value to your sports punditry channels. A segment on your blog or YouTube channel could be dedicated to your top sports betting picks for the week, for instance.