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Which NRL Team Will Win The Grand Final?

When it comes to sports, Aussies really know how to celebrate it by adding their own touch of perfection to it. Among all of the different and intensive sporting events that are conducted in Australia, the NRL Grand Final is one of the major ones. The event consists of 26 rounds which make up a season.

Due to the love for sports that all Aussies have in their blood, there are around 3 million Aussie viewers who watch the sporting event on their television screens. But, there are a lot more who wish to view the match live in the stadium, and they can opt to purchase one of the 82,000 tickets that are sold for the match which is held in Sydney’s ANZ Stadium. The event sells out days ahead of the D-day.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the tickets in time, you can expect a raging game of rugby, followed by a presentation ceremony at the very end. The ceremony is held for the winners of the game, who are then awarded their premiership rings in front of their fans and loved ones. Whichever player is chosen to be the man-of-the-match by Australian national team selectors receives the prestigious Clive Churchill Medal.

However, given the past history of the teams competing in the NRL each year, it is highly difficult to really place your finger on which team will be the winner of the NRL Grand Finals this year. While there are many people betting odds on the NRL grand final winner, it’s not an easy decision to make. Whether it is seasoned sports analysts or the general audience – everyone is backing their predictions and claims through records and statistics. But when it comes to the NRL Grand Final, you never really know which team is going to lift the trophy, until the closing moments of the game.

If You’re Gonna Bet, Bet Like a Pro!

There are millions of people who take up betting when it comes to the NRL and AFL Grand Finals. There’s a lot of anticipation, excitement and of course, the endless joy when the team you betted on ends up winning you a whole lot of money.

NRL Grand Final 2017

This year, the NRL Grand Final is set to take place on the 1st of October 2017, making it a week of roaring and raging for sports lovers due to the AFL finals being held on the 30th of September 2017. There is a lot of anticipation and eagerness regarding who the winner of the NRL this year will be.

In 2016, the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks managed to beat Melbourne Storm 14-12, while 2015 was the year of the North Queensland Cowboys who won 17-16 against Brisbane Broncos. 2014 was won by South Sydney Rabbitohs 30-6 to Canterbury Bulldogs which was one of the most notable hits after Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles win against Melbourne Storm with 40-0.

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