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Manchester United or Manchester City: The Dynasty versus The Upstarts

The English Premiere League is the top Football league in the world with the most fans, most revenue generated, the highest amount of merchandise sold, and best attendance of any league on the planet. The league consists of 20 teams all based in the UK and play 38 match seasons from August to May. For those looking to place bets online for any of the remaining Premiere League games, you can use this premiere league betting guide to assist you.

Out of the 20 football clubs a few have positioned themselves as the perennial favorites and have become very popular. There are two however who represent the same city that have come to dominate the Premiere League today. They are Manchester United, the Dynasty, and Manchester City, the Upstarts.

Manchester United – The Dynasty

Manchester United has come as close as possible to creating a dynasty in English Premiere League football. For reference, in the twenty six years that the league has been operating, Manchester United has won the Premiere League title 13 times and never finished outside of the top 4 in any season. The club is not only the most popular in English League Football, they are also the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Their fame and notoriety comes mainly from their adherence to excellence and a fan base that is one of the most passionate anywhere. They play in the most beloved stadium in the UK and welcome full attendance at every home or away game. Since the retirement of its iconic manager Sir Alex Ferguson five years ago, Man United has not won a title leaving many to question whether they are still capable of competing. But Man U has done its best to put those conversations to bed. They have brought in some top flight players and have the most revered coach in football at the moment Jose Mourinho who is dedicated to getting them right back on top again.

Manchester City – The Upstarts

What used to be the also-ran small second-city club that shared the Manchester name is now the powerhouse in the English Premiere League. Manchester City was purchased in 2008 by the Abu Dhabi United Group, and given a huge influx of money to make the club over. That has occurred is that the management has spent over £1.5 billion transforming the roster into a powerhouse. The efforts have paid off. Manchester City won the Premiere League title in 2011-12, 201314 and this year 2017-18 as well. In between the club has not finished any lower than 3rd.

The club has a simple philosophy; spend as much as it takes to create a winning club. They have a superstar manager in Pep Guardiola who has instituted a winning program, and they have built up their training facilities and lower level teams, allowing them to home grow talent that they can feed into the Premiere League team. They now challenge Manchester United and every other Premiere League club for the championship every year. Going into the 2019 season, they are once again the team to beat.

After two seasons where they seemed to be stumbling, Manchester United finished second to Manchester City in the Premiere League this year and are in the FA Cup Finals after a thrilling match this week against Tottenham. This might mean that they have their footing back. If so look for Manchester to once again be the hottest city for football on the planet with both clubs battling to take the title next year.

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