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Making It to MLB, by the Numbers

Every kid who’s ever played in a baseball game, whether on a grade school playground or in a college stadium, has dreamed of playing in the major leagues. They’ve dreamt of having fans waving mlb flags as they play the game. They’ve dreamt of the whole experience. Can the dream become a reality? Sure – but it’s going to take a lot more than dreaming.

The infographic below, What Does It Take to Get to the Big Leagues? neatly summarizes the odds a player has of being drafted and eventually playing major league ball. In addition, the infographic touches on the cost of playing club and high school baseball, which may be quite an eye-opener for parents who have yet to go shopping for helmets, practice tees, bats and gloves.

One takeaway from the statistics presented in the infographic: If you want to improve your odds of playing in the majors, go to college and be a pitcher. By far, the most-drafted MLB players are from those two categories. This is not really surprising. MLB teams, no matter how skilled, never have enough quality pitching. And, college players have an advantage over high school players in experience, the quality of their competition, and physical development.

Playing at the highest level in any sport never comes easily, and baseball is obviously no exception. But whether or not a player beats the odds and makes it to the majors, the journey has its own rich rewards. For details on playing pro, please continue reading.

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