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Why I Love Caddytek The Most When It Comes to Push Carts

If you know me even a bit, you know that I am a sports enthusiast. I have played countless sports and I actually competed on a lot of them. Today’s post is not all about that. It is about an interesting product that I came to know recently.


Yes, as you read it from the title, I am talking about the Caddytek Ez-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart.


Now, a few weeks ago, I had to find a push cart for one of my friends. I am not an active golfer anymore but I used to be one. So when I was asked to help him, I couldn’t refuse. I had an idea of what I wanted but I really wanted to test the market before finalizing any product. That’s when I came to realize that there are a ton of options around us when it comes to push carts.


Gone are those days when you couldn’t find a good number of alternatives and you needed a push cart badly. Now you have so many options that there are new problems that are coming through. I am sure if you are new in the world of golf accessories, you would realize that it is tougher to find a good product now than it ever was before. There are too many alternatives around us and each one of them ‘claims’ to be the best in the business. Also, it seems like almost all of them have a ton of positive reviews which made the task even more difficult.


What did I do? Well, being an experienced person, I kept on researching and I finally found Caddytek. I knew that Caddytek has been around for a decent amount of time so there was that trust factor but what I liked more is the features for sure.  


I won’t be going through each detail but let me tell you about the things that I loved most about this unit. The first is definitely the brake system. Brakes have always been bad in most of the golf push carts. It seems like Caddytek is out of that problem. There’s some interesting foot braking technology that they introduced with this push cart. Yes, foot braking systems have always been there but it is flawless now with better and immediate response that makes a huge difference.


I am sure if you have used push carts on your own, you know how it feels when you brake and the push cart doesn’t stop. In fact, there is a worse scenario where you brake and the push cart loses all the balance. You keep a lot of items on a push cart and it is important that the balance is always maintained. Yeah, I know the fact that it might not ruin anything but then again, who wants to take that risk right? When I am playing golf, I keep my important items such as my phone and my music devices on the push cart. I really want to make sure that they are always safe. That’s another big reason that why I wanted to go with Caddytek in the first place.


Let’s talk a bit about the wheels now. Like any other push carts, there are three big wheels in this one too and there is nothing to distinguish when you give it your first look. Things start to become more and more interesting when you go deep.


Wheels are not there only to take you front and back. Wheels play a very important role in moving you around. You might have to go to sudden left or right. It is those wheels that make it happen and it has to happen smoothly. Fortunately, Caddytek is a perfection when it comes to moving around. The wheels are easy to use and they are maintenance free. Also, they work on pretty much any surface which is another advantage. In case if you have to remove a wheel, the removal process is easy too. It is a clip based system so you won’t really have to worry about the tools and all those hassle.


Alright, I am sure you can find other benefits and details from the sites I mentioned at the top of this article. Enjoy the push cart guys. It is a good one.


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