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Learn Everything Sports Using The CBS Sports App


Whether you are a football fanatic or a hoops junkie, the CBS Sports app will be able to keep you connected to your favorite team. This app ensures you not only are on top of the stats, but you will be able to watch live games. With a customized experience, your favorite news is always at your fingertips.

CBS Allows You Access to the Top Sports News

Whether you use an Android Device, Tablet or Chromecast, you can easily stay on top of sports news. The right app not only offers up to date scores, but notifications will help you receive news before anyone else. You can watch live sporting events including college and pro football, basketball, and golf.

With this app, you will be able to access coverage to events such as the NFL Draft, the Masters and March Madness. You can live stream shows from the top personalities in media including Tiki and Tierney and Jim Rome. You can also access shows that cover an array of topics, including fantasy sports.

A Customized Feed Allows You to Monitor Scores and Stats

The best sports news app gives you access to custom navigation to rank the sports that matter most to you. They hand-pick stories for you so you will be able to view articles from sources most connected to your favorite teams and players. With this app, you can see the difference.

With Chromecast integration, you can connect your phone to a television and catch live sports. Not only will you see the games, but you will be able to watch them in high definition, the way they were intended to be seen.

If you are looking to monitor your favorite team or player, the CBS Sports app has the tools you need to stay ahead of your friends. With the customized feed and Chromecast integration, you will never miss a minute of the action.

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