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It’s Not Just a Game! How to Stay Current on Your Favorite Teams

If there is one thing common to all sports fans around the world, it’s that they all swear by the fact that their favorite team playing their favorite sport is the highlight of their lives. For the true sports fan, it’s a way of life. It’s the air they breathe and if their team should make it to the championship rounds, watch out!

This is when no one dares interrupt them during the ‘game that’s not just a game,’ and God forbid if the phone should ring with some unsuspecting telemarketer on the other end. That person will wish they had begun a career as a stock person who never needs to deal with irate people, or better yet, a mortician!

Team Forums

One of the most interesting ways to communicate with other sports fans is to set up your very own sports forum. You can even find free sports forum templates as well as free hosting on the SMF Hosting website. How can they afford to offer such an all-inclusive forum hosting package? They will occasionally insert paid advertising that enables them to provide this amazing service for free. While you ‘could’ set up literally any kind of forum as long as you abide by their rules in the terms of service agreement, why would you want to? After all, your team is your focus and you can’t be distracted by world events or who’s currently in office. Who cares? Your team is in the championship playoffs!

Mobile Apps

Then there are a number of mobile apps from sports networks like ESPN in the United States and BBC Sports in the UK. You can download the android app at the Google Play Store or the iPhone App at the iTunes Store. These are nice to have on hand because you can be posting away on your forum whilst keeping up with the game, play by play. It’s fun to hear what other fans think will happen next and you can even make a ‘wager’ or two as you go. Just be careful not to break any gaming laws!

Social Media

Then there’s social media. Why not start a fan page on your social media account? There may be dozens more out there but with the effective use of a few appropriate keywords, you can gather a rather large following who will comment away during each and every game. Some of those fans may be located in various countries around the world and some may be the neighbor next door you never met!

When is a game not just a game? Why, when your favorite team is playing and when they are close to winning the title! Even though the excitement has built up to this very moment in the season and you’ve endured distractions every step of the way, you still can’t believe people are still calling it a game! It’s NOT just a game, it’s your team out there working towards a championship and you are right there with them. Share your love of the sport with other fans and you’ll finally meet up with those fellow fans who know that it is more than just a game!

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