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How do you find the right booty shorts for your workout?

The importance of workout clothing cannot be overstated, as it has many functions to help you perform your workout at your optimal rate, getting the most out of any trip to the gym or anywhere you choose to perform your workout (especially after the last year or so!). As obvious as it sounds, if you were to wear jeans whilst trying to stretch, then this would be futile as you wouldn’t be able to push your body far enough in comparison to loose clothing as an alternative to allow freer movement.

Women’s booty shorts are one example of gym clothing that can help you get the most out of your workout. Whilst other factors such as appropriate trainers and dressing correctly for the conditions like the weather, women’s booty shorts offer support for the individual to perform the optimal lifts, no matter what mode training you are in on a particular day. Trainfit offers some of the leading brands within women’s booty shorts, and with lots of choice it begs the question, how do I find the right ones for me? This blog will explain the different factors for you to contemplate when it comes to your next purchase, so keep on reading to find out more!

Comfort and How They Feel For You

Although self explanatory, it’s important not just women’s booty shorts but any item of gym clothing fits your size correctly to give you the confidence to workout with peace of mind, especially when gyms can seem such an intimidating environment! With Trainfit women’s booty shorts available in a range of sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large, there’s plenty of choice for everyone out there and a good comparison would be what sizes you normally are for other clothes, especially any workout clothes if you have any (but don’t worry if not as this blog is here to help)!

Women’s booty shorts are similar to spandex shorts, as they are made from a stretchy material to produce compression in your buttocks and thighs, allowing for more pressure during your workout. Numerous studies have examined the effects of compression shorts on athletic performance and injury prevention, and many have found benefits in these areas. Not only helping you get the most of your workout, but avoiding injury is crucial as strenuous exercise increases the risk of you getting an injury. So having the correct clothing (women’s booty shorts) can help minimise the risk associated with workout.


There are numerous benefits to wearing women’s booty shorts whilst working out. Not only minimising your injury risk but getting the most out of yourself as you push it to the limit! They have proven benefits to lower your risk of muscle soreness after workout, as compression gear worn during especially heavy exercise according to a leading health magazine can reduce this type of soreness, so make sure you get the right ones for you and then put them into action!

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