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Serious About Hobbies: 5 Foosball Tables That Make Having a Man Cave Awesome

A 1993 book introduced the term “man cave,” and because the concept touches a psychological cord, the idea caught on. Women like a man cave in the house because it’s one less room for them to clean; men like a man cave because it gives them a place to be themselves.

Although the furniture does not matter nearly as much as the people who gather there, most man caves have a television set, a couch, and a gaming area. Any decoration is man-centered too, things like a Neon Mama sign for example can give the cave that bar or pub feeling. Film posters, vinyl records, and trophies help to reinforce that feel-good feeling when one is in the cave.

And what else could enhance that feel-good feeling than a foosball table? It’s a great way to play a few games with the lads and is generally one of the best man cave ideas. It’s a high-energy and slightly reckless participatory sport.

Picking the Right Table

There are a lot of comparison points, and price is a good place to start. Supply is rather limited, but most full-size tables range from about $200 for an inexpensive toy to $1,500 for an attractive, tournament-quality table. Most people want more than a toy, especially if the table will get regular use. Then again, most people do not want to host professional foosball tournaments in their basements. In such cases, a mid-priced table that strikes a balance between quality and affordability is often the best choice. Such tables cater for regular use and can be enjoyed in a basement bar or recreational area alongside other entertainment options, providing a satisfying and enjoyable experience without the need for professional tournament hosting aspirations.

Next, assess the quality of the cabinet. Adjustable height is a nice feature, especially if young children will use the table. Make sure there are few or no “dead spots” where the ball does not move and no player can reach the ball. Also, look at the cabinet’s thickness, both along the sides and on the playing surface.

Finally, a very nice foosball table often transforms your man cave into a neighborhood destination. If that’s not something you want, think twice before buying an expensive table.

Our Top 5 Picks

It takes some research and shopping to find the foosball table that meets all your needs and expectations, mostly because the purchase is such a personal decision. These five tables are a good place to start:

  • 55″ Kick Splendor: One of the best lower-priced tables, this model is very sturdy and fairly good-looking to boot. It’s excellent for kids (no matter how old they are) who want to have fun.
  • 57″ Tornado Sport: This table has a very attractive mahogany laminate cabinet and is very heavy. Many people say this table reminds them of the ones in English pubs. It has tournament-quality action.
  • 55″ Kick Triumph: This table has a very sleek matte black cabinet with grey reinforcements. As with many tables, assembly requires a considerable amount of time and patience.
  • 56″ Garlando G-500: This wood-grain table is very easy to assemble. It also has some additional safety features designed to protect younger players, which may not be a big plus for most man caves.
  • 62″ American Heritage Carlyle: This table has an espresso cabinet and parquet playing surface. The action isn’t quite as smooth as the other tables on this list, but it is a great addition to your man cave.

Honorable mention goes to the 54″ Hathaway Hurricane (low price and a cherry finish), 56″ Barrington Allendale (a stable, mid-priced table) and the indoor-outdoor 55″ EastPoint Wicker table that also has adjustable legs.

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