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Hit the Links in San Ramon

Nestled in at the foot of Mount Diablo in Central California, San Ramon is well known for its natural beauty and scenic surroundings. Due to the great weather and outdoors-loving residents of San Ramon, it is well known for its many professional golf courses.

San Ramon Golf Scene Details

Within the direct city and surrounding area, there are a dozen premier golf courses that are right up there with the best available in all of central California. Some of these courses include the world-renowned San Ramon Golf Club, The Bridges Golf Club, Canyon Lakes Golf Course and Brewery, Crow Canyon Country Club, IFMA East Bay Chapter, and many others.

The San Ramon Golf Club is predominantly considered the city’s top-ranked course. It offers a professionally designed 18-hole course that is meticulously maintained. This course features beautiful ponds surrounding many of the holes with several island-inspired putting greens. Any time the city is host to a professional golf tournament or golf-based charity event, this course is the chosen playing field.

The course is open to the general public by way of 9-hole play-through passes, 18-hole play-through passes, day passes, and bi-annual, and annual memberships. In addition to offering standard golfing options, the club also provides golf lessons and specialized golf clinics.

The smaller courses such as The Bridges Golf Club, Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery, and the Crow Canyon Country Club, are all open to the general public, as well. Most open at sunrise and close at sundown. The fees for these courses are dependent on the time of the year and how busy the courses are. Similar to the San Ramon Golf Club, all of these smaller clubs and courses offer standard golf options, golf lessons, and golf clinics. There are a few eateries with delicious cuisine and beverages on the grounds.

Find the Right Accommodations

If you’re traveling in from out of town to enjoy a solid weekend of golf, you’ll want to find a relaxing place to stay. There are many high-quality hotels in San Ramon, CA. The comfortable and conveniently located Hyatt House San Ramon is one popular choice. The Hyatt House is one of the best lodging options in the city, with its spacious and modern rooms, delicious dining options, and free Wi-Fi.

San Ramon Marriott is another excellent hotel. Its pet-friendly rooms with mini-fridge, large flat-screen TV, and lots of space to spread out, making it a favorite for weary travelers. Bishop Grill, the in-house dining option, is more than reliable.

The next time you visit central California or the Bay Area—or if you are looking for a beautiful city to settle into for a weekend of golf— be sure to consider San Ramon. The city sits just west of Interstate Highway 5, making it easy to reach from all over the state. And once you are directly in San Ramon, you will find that it is straightforward to learn your way around. Traffic isn’t particularly heavy in the city, even at rush hour, which is a rare phenomenon when you consider that it is a California city.

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