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Health and Safety Hazards to be Aware of at Live Sports Events

Even if you’re not particularly into that specific sporting code, attending a live event invariably makes for a fun way to spend a day out. Testimony to this is how the ladies report to have had a great time out with their significant others, whether they were catching a baseball game, a soccer match or perhaps even a basketball match (the basketball game might have effectively made for a night out instead of some daytime fun).

However, as fun as it may be, to the extent that you might end up buying season tickets or simply making your attendance of a live sporting event a regular one, there are some safety and health hazards to be aware of.

Sharp of blunt missiles

It’s amazing just how much “contraband” gets confiscated by security personnel at sporting events. What’s perhaps even more amazing is how much of this contraband gets confiscated from fans who frequently attend the games of the sports teams they support, perhaps somehow hoping that the rules will have changed. Additionally, such incidents often lead to the hiring of extra security personnel (from a company such as guards on call) in order to ensure crowd and player safety. Permitting a number of items that could pose safety hazards could also be the reason to increase security. Generally, something like a bottle container isn’t allowed because it can be filled with a liquid and used as a blunt missile that causes some serious damage.


Live venues will have security, either that they hire themselves or outsourced from a security company, to keep people as safe as possible while the venue is open. In most live sporting venues the security personnel are quite astute at conducting thorough searches that inevitably reveal the concealment of all objects that could cause a health and safety risk to fellow supporters and to the sportspersons. However, in some sporting codes like football (soccer) matches involving North African and Middle Easter teams, flares seem to be a problem. Somehow fans sneak these in and light them up in celebration of a goal, and they can cause serious health risks to someone who might be asthmatic, for instance.


If you’re going to be carrying a first-aid kit with you to a live sporting event, which is great practice, you might as well make sure to include an anti pollution mask. This can come in handy in consideration of the mentioned flares, but it can also double up as a face mask to help filter out some germs which might be in the air, on account of something like the cold and flu season.

Weather conditions

It’s always better to come over-prepared than it is to be under-prepared when it comes to weather conditions. If it gets a bit chilly, you should be able to pull on a sweat shirt or something warm, which you can always take off when it gets hot. Be careful of extreme weather too, such as perhaps staying hydrated if you’ll be in the sun for too long. Similarly, if the weather is extremely cold, then you have to be wary of frostbite and protect yourself accordingly with warm clothing, gloves, and scarves.

Crowd mentality

Be careful not to get swept away by so-called crowd-mentality, which is a phenomenon that has the power to make people act utterly crazy just because they’re part of a big crowd of people behaving badly. Criminal activity often starts out this way.

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