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The turn of the year sees hordes of people troop to the gym in line with their “New Year, New Me” slogan with a goal to lose weight, build muscles and get fitter. Unfortunately, most of these newcomers never keep the faith past the third month.

While the actual reasons are best known by these people, a sizeable majority drop out of the gym because of lack of time. Finding time to squeeze in amidst balancing work commitments and family time is difficult. Others drop out because keeping up with the gym membership subscriptions are financially strenuous while some find the atmosphere at the gym quite intimidating, especially for beginners.

If you dropped out of the gym for reasons other than lack of will and commitment, then you should consider setting up a gym at your home. A home gym gives you the advantage of working out at your own time and convenience, in an environment where you feel at home.

Here’s a guide to help you set up a home gym.

Create some space

No, you don’t need to extend your house. Find some space in you can convert into a gym. It can be the basement or the guest bedroom or even the living room. As long as when you hire a treadmill, you have the designated space for it. You can move furniture to the periphery during your workout sessions and return them when you are done. Obviously, the kitchen is out of choice but you can even have your gym in the garage or outdoors.

Whichever place you choose, make sure it is well ventilated and properly lit and has enough space for you to work out and install any equipment that you may wish to. It is very possible to work out at home without any equipment.

Equipment and safety

The next step after identifying space for your gym is to furnish it. The floor to your home gym should be non-slippery to prevent the risk of injuries. If you have a specific room for your home gym, you can put a carpet on the floor to give you some soft landing when you are doing high impact exercises like jumping jacks. Additionally, you can install a mirror to monitor your form while doing the exercises and keep track of the gains.

If you are looking to simply keep fit then body weight exercises can suffice, maybe you could invest in some kettlebells for a kettlebell workout for example. Gym equipment are a matter of personal choice, financial capability and your fitness goals. If you prefer indoor aerobics to outdoor running then you can get a treadmill.

You might find that getting buff through strength training requires barbells, dumbbells and other gym equipment. You can check RowingReviewshubcom.com and other sites reviewing gym equipment for guidance on which equipment would be best suitable for your needs.

Motivation and instruction

In a home gym, you don’t have an instructor to push you; motivation comes from within yourself. You can play music in the background to keep you motivated and going during your workouts. If you’re lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to your home workouts, you can even decorate it accordingly. Put up some motivational posters, paint some inspirational quotes on the walls and install mirrors so that you can check your posture and form. It might end up looking like a real gym, but that’s okay, at least it’ll get you into the right headspace each time you walk in. You don’t want any comfy armchairs in there to relax on, or they’ll sap the motivation straight out of you!

You can also download YouTube workout tutorials or buy DVDs to get instructions on how to go about pretty much any exercise. These are useful because at a home gym, you don’t have the benefit of instructors or classes. Attending a class at a gym can be a great way to feel like you’re all in it together. You simply can’t get that feeling by yourself at home, so a youtube video is the next best thing

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