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Great Cricket Apps to Help You Stay on Top Everything Cricket

Cricket can be such an entertaining sport, but it’s so hard to keep up with! Until cricket has the world-wide popularity it deserves, we may need to rely on helpful mobile apps that keep us up to date on when we can watch live cricket streaming events.

When I was researching ways to do this, I actually found some awesome mobile apps on this site.

Best 10 Apps for Watching Live Cricket Matches

I’ll review a few of my favorite ones for you:

Crizzbuzz-Live Cricket Scores & News: This one is easy to use and has some awesome live streaming forums for all professional cricket matches and more.

ESPNCricinfo-Live Cricket Scores, News, & Videos: One of my favorites, this app shows me live scores and keeps me updated on any match or team I subscribe to.

Cricket Line Guru: This one is probably the most user friendly and is filled with helpful ways to keep up with your favorite cricket teams and leagues.

Never Miss Another Cricket Game

Cricket happens all over the world, so you need to keep careful track of who is playing when and where. But these mobile apps are so helpful in providing schedules and notifications so you can find every match around the world.

Every inning of cricket is available via live stream. These live streaming cricket apps like Cricbuzz and Live Cricket Score 2019 have crystal clear streaming capabilities so that you can see every bowl from anywhere at any time. You can even get notifications and reminders on your favorite teams and matches.

Many of the apps put up schedules for each tournament as soon as they are available, which allows you to keep track of all your favorite teams. From Australia to India and beyond, every team and every league are available for live cricket streaming, and all of the schedules are easily accessible in one convenient place.

Stream Every Live Cricket Match

With time zone inconveniences, the fact that these apps let you live stream cricket onto your phone is incredibly helpful because you won’t always be able to make it home to see the matches.

If you’re traveling, out and about, or it’s 3 AM and you’re sleeping, you can live stream cricket matches and even record them through the mobile apps so you can always watch on your phone. Some of the best apps include TEN Sports and Live Cricket Matches, so these will be your most helpful to check out if you want to live stream cricket on the go.

Step Up Your Fan Status

Cricket popularity is on the rise, and many people are jumping on the bandwagon, claiming to be true fans. But if you have always had a favorite team, you can now follow them closely, find out when they’re playing, and live stream their matches on mobile apps so you can step up your status as a real cricket fan.

These apps also include standings, upcoming events, roster activity, and the rumor mill about what players will be playing with which teams during the next season. The tedious days of searching Google and Twitter for articles about your favorite teams are over! You’ll be able to stay up to date on your favorite team anytime, anywhere, right in one mobile app.


If you want to keep up on the standings, rosters, and statistics, mobile apps have all of this in their variety of pages. You can get to know your favorite players, follow them closely, and watch highlights whenever you want to with beautiful videos stored on these helpful mobile cricket apps.

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