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Golfing with Style: Surprise a Passionate Golfer with Any of These 4 Classy Gifts

Do you have someone you dread shopping for each year-that family member or friend that has everything he could ever need and very specific tastes? If you are struggling to find a gift for a passionate golfer, you are in luck. Any one of these four classy golf gifts is sure to please the passionate golfer in your life.

  1. A performance tracker

The more passionate a golfer is, the more he wants to improve his game. Even small adjustments can lead to major improvement on the back nine. Whether you opt for a phone-based swing analyzer or a tracker that attaches directly to the end of a golf club, it is easier than ever for golfers to use technology to improve their game. Depending on your budget and the interests of the golfer you want to surprise, you can choose from a GPS-enabled golfing watch, a rangefinder distance assistant, or a complete performance assistant.

  1. Something riveting to read

This next gift on our list is one that a passionate golfer will really appreciate when he can’t be on the course. Loving golf doesn’t have to be limited to the golf course! Chances are that the passionate golfer in your life also enjoys learning and talking about the game and its history. Help reignite love of the game or give the gift of knowledge with a great golf book. Golf books range from instructional (like Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf) to a gripping account of one of golf’s most inspirational moments in The Greatest Game Ever Played by Mark Frost.

  1. A subscription box

Why limit yourself to one gift when you could give a different golf-themed every month for a year? With the gift of a monthly subscription box, a box of premium golf gear and products will be delivered directly to the golfer of your choice. Choose a subscription that focuses on clothing, golf accessories, premium golf balls, new golf technology, or a combination of all four. Most subscription services will let you list sizes and preferences so the items in each box will be perfectly curated for the needs of your favorite passionate golfer.

  1. Custom golf balls

What golfer wouldn’t like to be done playing the wrong ball forever? Many sporting goods stores sell custom golf balls, allowing you to order a set of golf balls with a special logo or set of initials stamped onto each ball. Or, if you prefer, give the gift of a golf ball stamp instead-that way, any golf ball can be a personalized golf ball. Purchase a predesigned stamp or design a specialty logo for the ultimate surprise.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you might be looking for a perfect gift for the men in your life, and you might be consider getting a something down the line of Unique personalized gifts. Or maybe you want to surprise a fellow golfer with something he’s always wanted (but never had) out on the green. Rest assured that any one of these classy gifts is sure to delight the golfer in your life!

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