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Four Healthy reasons to support a sport you love

If you’ve seen people upset or extremely happy when their team loses or wins, it would be hard to understand why it’s a big deal if you’re not a fan of any sport. You’ll likely look up from your phone, note their reactions and think “it’s just a game” and move on. Well, it’s not just a game for the sports fan, and if anything, they are ripping positive benefits from their involvement.

Often, people invest in the merchandise of their favorite team to showcase loyalty and support. Wearing team merchandise, from jerseys to caps, becomes a symbol of belonging and camaraderie. It’s not solely about the game itself; it’s about being part of a community, sharing a common passion, and finding a sense of identity. Whether they don Chicago Bulls caps or New York Yankees jerseys, each piece becomes a statement of allegiance. The choice of team merch reflects a personal connection to the team’s history, achievements, and the emotional highs and lows experienced alongside fellow fans.

Beyond this, there are several other reasons why people love watching sports and become so attached to it.

It promotes bonding

Two people in a sports bar or even at get together with family can bond extremely fast when they find that they have something in common to bond over. Even though there are aspects that you and siblings don’t agree on, when you all support a local sports team, you get to put your differences aside. At least for a while; then you can bicker on the person stealing things from your stash cans UK relatives sent. You can also make friendship with other drivers in traffic to the game, the cashier at the local store watching a game, and pretty much everyone. If they support the opposing team, you can expect heated debates that leave you energized as you defend your ‘tribe.’

It gets you moving

If there were an award for it, you’d likely win coach potato of the year. However, when the game is on, and you’re with friends and family, you’ll definitely have a reason to move. You’ll throw a punch in the air, stand up and yell at the ref, and even reach over to the third person on the sofa a high-five. Watching the game live will get you moving a lot more as well, and don’t forget the steps you have to go up and down if you’re taking bathroom breaks. When the game is over, you’ll feel energized if not exhausted, ready to catch a snooze.

You live longer

Science and physicians have told us that loneliness can cause you to live a shorter life. Becoming a sports fan is advantageous because it makes you part of a community. You have something to look forward to. Even on the darkest of days, you can be assured that you’ll get some stimulation from watching and engaging a sport. What’s more fantastic about is that people rarely part ways immediately after a game; they head to the pizza parlor to grab a bite or catch some drinks. Such personal experiences give life meaning and purpose, and also a sense of belonging.

You’ll be smarter

Studies show that watching a game gives your brain a workout. Your eyes are darting across the screen, catching every second of the action. When that’s happening, the part of the brain responsible for your motor functions is active. That same area that lights up is also responsible for planning, controlling, and performing. That means you’re analytical skills are improved as you’re watching a sport. What a way to make yourself smarter!

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