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Fitness As Physical and Emotional Therapy

A lot of people view sports or fitness activities as something that they should be winning. There is a competition, or a goal, or something to be achieved, and they need to beat something or be at the top of some group of competitors. But sports and fitness also work as physical and emotional therapy on many different levels.

Consider self-esteem or treatment for addiction. Think about sports and fitness activities is bonding exercise, or as a way to develop leadership qualities. None of those concepts really involve winning. They involve movement, and health, and cooperation, all within the realm of an organized athletic event.

For Self-Esteem

Sports help with self-esteem on many different levels. People who play games or otherwise engage in athletic activities can work toward personal goals, can help with self-image issues, and do things like improve coordination and a sense of personal grace. It’s hard to find someone who is actively engaged in a sport that has completely poor self-esteem, and that’s because it’s a positive natural benefit of fitness events that you feel better about yourself on a physical level, which leads to better emotional health.

For Treatment

People who have been through any addiction and recovery know just how hard it is to move from one state to the next. That’s why it’s no surprise that getting treated for addiction often involves activities that help people take their mind off of the physical and emotional pain they’re going through. Athletic activities, competitions, and sports events at rehab facilities are very popular, and they aren’t based on the idea of winning regarding beating other people, but rather they are focused on a person overcoming their own demons.

As Bonding Experiences

Emotionally, lots of people feel disconnected from the other people around them. This is a very common occurrence, especially in the modern world, and especially in cities and urban areas. When you become involved in sports and fitness, you automatically become a part of the club, and you automatically begin having bonding experiences with the people around you. Sports and fitness are stellar focus areas for bonding, and even gentle relationships with similar people at events are helpful.

As a Way To Develop Leadership Qualities

Even if you don’t win sports and fitness activities, going through the motions helps you to develop leadership qualities. Even if you’re not a natural leader, once you begin to understand the rules and strategies of the sport, you can be part of the conversation toward a winning attitude, and potentially a winning season if it’s a recurring event. You’ll notice that captains on teams have the same leadership skills that a manager at a business would have.

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