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Essentials of NRL Betting You Must Know

The NRL holds the world’s most-watched sports league, with a market share of 63% worth $295 million. In Australia, its market share is 54%, worth $350 million. With so much popularity and money involved, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular subject of online gambling. It is why NRL betting is just as much fun as any other form of football betting, and it has grown an average of about 70% every year.

This popularity has resulted in several bookmakers like BlueBet NRL betting providing the best names and facilities for building your dream rugby league betting account. But before you move ahead, here are some NRL betting essentials you can’t ignore.

What is NRL?

The National Rugby League, or NRL, is among Australia’s most famous sports leagues and perhaps the world’s most well-known league game. The NRL draws the finest players from all over the globe to show off their skills in the world’s most prestigious sport, complete with the heaviest blows, largest bodies, and unparalleled zeal.

With betting positions scattered across the coverage of the game on television and radio, online bookmakers put a premium on making their ads for the event just perfect. Many online betting sites also offer really good sports betting odds, and because they are so readily accessible, it makes for great fun. So, if you want to dabble in betting on rugby games, where do you start? We’ll tell you.

Giving It a Start

There are many different levels of rugby league betting based on the type of league game you’re watching. A fan can bet on their team in one of 10 different leagues. In some of these leagues, betting can be conducted from a single establishment, with competitors joining the fray on different occasions. In others, fans can go into a betting shop or go online to find websites offering fixtures and odds for their chosen competition.

Margin Betting

It is a betting style that the bookmaker would usually offer, allowing you to pick a margin from which you believe a team would succeed. For example, at $6.50, you could get the Raiders to defeat the Storm by far more than 8 points. To win your bet, the Raiders will have to score at least 9 points.

Head to Head

It is a straight bet in which you back one side to defeat the other with no handicaps. It’s as simple as that.

Line Betting

Line betting in the rugby league is the oldest type of betting in the world. It was first used by gamblers who wanted to bet on games they were interested in. The Australian laws on foreign currency transactions were introduced in 2007. Line bets are a type of handicap gambling in which Team A and Team B are given a head start or handicap, with the line being the point at which the two teams compete at even odds.

Extra-Time Bet

While it is not unusual for NRL matches to go longer than 80 minutes, particularly when two best clubs are chucking it out, bookmakers will offer massive odds on an extra time outcome due to a supposed lack of drawn games across the duration.

Teams in the NRL

Hundreds of teams have come and gone in Australia’s elite rugby league through the years. The NRL currently has 16 teams spread around five countries, with ten from New South Wales, three from Queensland, and the rest from the ACT, Victoria, and New Zealand.

In The End

Rugby League is a multinational sport that originated in England and is now played all over the world. Considering that the NRL is among the most successful rugby league tournaments on the planet, it’s no wonder that any bookmaker, like BlueBet NRL betting worth their name, would have several bets on the NRL every week.

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