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Esports You Should Check Out in 2021

Over the past decade, esports has quickly gained a huge amount of popularity where the viewer numbers have even started to rival or surpass the biggest sporting events in the world, with some of the big titles having been around for more than two decades and others just emerging, there’s plenty of entertainment for those looking to take their first step into the esports space. Whilst the growth has been attributed to a changing in attitude towards gaming as a whole particularly amongst an older audience that now makes up a huge demographic of certain titles and genres like this casimba casino for example which has found huge success with the growing audience – but if you are looking to get in to esports, which are the best games to follow?


If you’re more used to traditional sporting then this is certainly a good entry point, and whilst not the biggest esports title out there as it still remains quite niche it can certainly help to bridge the gap. There are still regular tournaments, although mostly online at the moment, but certainly, enough to see you through – often the games have open qualifiers too, so if you think you’re good enough at the game you may be able to try your hand at competing and see if you could reach some high-end leagues play too – a great starting point for those not looking to take in too much info at once.

Rocket League: Esports for the Masses | by John Paul Kilcrease | Medium(Image from medium.com)

Rocket League

Another game that helps bridge the gap, but more into the esports scene than traditional sporting. The game pits two teams against each other in what is essentially a game of football, but with a twist – rocket-powered cars. Flying through the air and controlling the ball in some very impressive ways, Rocket League games are always very interesting to watch and with a basic premise, it’s easy enough to understand even if you can’t quite yet appreciate how much skill is required to play the way the top players do – again another game that isn’t the biggest but is certainly still growing. Those looking to progress in their esports careers may want to get the upper hand by using something like the best vpn for gaming which can help protect them against DDoS attacks, get around geo-restrictions, reduce ping times, as well as a whole host of online security benefits to protect their personal data.


The new kid on the block having only been released a year ago, but coming from the studio that houses the biggest esports title in the world of League of Legends there’s plenty of experience behind it to push it forward as an esports great – the concept follows the same first-person shooter formula that made Counter-Strike a huge success, two teams and the objective to either destroy a site or to prevent the site from being destroyed, it’s very simple on the front with more complexity when you understand the game too. Throughout the games, there’s a lot going on, so if it’s your first viewing you may get a little lost, but repeat viewings will make each game more exciting, and help you to better understand what the process is.

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