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Enjoy the winter sun with a paddleboard

Whilst winter conditions can be difficult to deal with when paddleboarding, there are also opportunities to really enjoy moment’s of sunshine during the winter months when you are out on the water. There are some brilliant locations in the UK to soak up these few moments; so here is our guide to where you can go, paddle board and make the most of the sun.


Whilst Cambridge’s river is famous for punting, it is also perfect for paddleboarding. In the winter months, the river is slightly less busy with tourists and you can glide along the river and pass by Cambridge’s historic colleges. You can set off from the lock of Jesus college, and then you can head west down river. You can enjoy the views of Magdalene, St John’s and Trinity, as well as King’s, Queen’s and St Catharine’s colleges before you drift beneath the beautiful Mathematical Bridge.

Strangford Lough

Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland is the UK’s largest inlet (a stretch of water attached to a bay or marsh). The area has over seventy islands of various sizes, meaning it is a brilliant place to explore by paddleboard; and due to the inlets the water is slightly calmer than many other locations during the winter months.

Cuckmere Haven

Cuckmere Haven in East Sussex is a brilliant set of meandering rivers and oxbow lakes that lead down to the beach. Cut off from the actual river and the sea, the water is very slow moving and won’t be affected by winter conditions too much. This makes it very suitable for beginners or those who are less comfortable on a paddleboard. We recommend that you arrive at the Haven with your inflatable paddle board at sunset. You can then enjoy the evening sun as you meander your way through the Haven’s shallow reedy waters. This will take around an hour or two until you get down to the beach. You can then paddle back beneath the stars after you’ve enjoyed a moment or two on the beach.

Black Rock Sands

Black Rock sands, a beach with a view out towards the stunning Snowdonian mountain range, is a brilliant place to start off a winter paddle boarding adventure. After you push off from the beach head you can take in views of Borth-y-Gest, a small pastel coloured town that wouldn’t look out of place in a Wes Anderson film. Continuing on, you will then reach the wonderful village of Portmeirion. A stunningly colourful village, with buildings stacked upon the hillside like  coastal towns on Italy’s Amalfi Coast; it is no surprise that it’s nicknamed Wales’ “Little Italy”. You can continue to paddle on and view from afar, or quite easily find somewhere to pull over and enjoy the village.

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