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Try Cycling for a Fresh and Fun Fitness Routine

There’s something addictive about cycling; once you get out on the open road – or, even better, off the road and into the wilds – you experience the twin pleasures of being close to nature, and keeping fit. Cycling does help tone the muscles in the legs, and does it very well, so if you are not already a cyclist, it’s worth having a closer look at bikes. You’ll find they need not be as expensive as you believe, but before that, you’ll also find a bewildering range of different types of bike to choose from.

What sort of bike do you need? That depends upon what you intend to use it for! Some people cycle to and from work, for example; this is both good exercise and also saves money – and, indeed, if you work in a busy city, can be the quickest way of getting from one place to another. For this, you may choose a dedicated road bike, built for commuting and perfect for the job.

Mountain and Fat Tire Bikes

The mountain bike has become one of the most popular of all, thanks in no small part to its versatility and off-road capability. You can choose from a variety of models, some with full suspension and others without, and from many different specifications in terms of gears, brakes and frames, and there are models for men, women and children. Taking the kids on a fun off-road ride is a great way of spending time with them, and there are many places you can explore when you go cycling.

A more recent variation on the mountain bike is the fat tire bike; this follows the same concept, but is equipped with super-wide, very grippy tires for added performance, and is the bike you need for tackling extreme surfaces. You’ll find it offers grip on snow and ice, which is simply not possible with a regular mountain bike, so you can explore places you could not normally reach.  

Choosing Your Ideal Bike

Whether you are just taking up cycling, either as a fun pursuit or as part of your exercise regime, or looking to upgrade from your present model, you need to consider your options carefully. It’s a very competitive market, and that’s why we recommend you take all the advice you can. You can find great reviews and advice on bikes and accessories at a site called Bikes on Point, which is run by a cycling enthusiast who clearly knows his stuff. It’s a recommended read for anyone interested in buying a bike, so set a little time aside and have a look.

Settle into a routine of riding regularly and you will soon feel the benefits. It’s a fun way of spending time – either alone or with the family – exploring places you wouldn’t normally go, and you’ll enjoy the many advantages of fresh air, especially if you ride away from the city. Check out the website we mentioned, and get yourself a bike – you know you want to!

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